Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Attain A Higher Level


Working with Levels 10-12 has proven
very productive with the application

of the Zen Flute along with earlier
induction techniques.

I am releasing Level 9 to those who
have completed 1-8. Integration testing

has become redundant with the release
of SoundWave Integration 1A,
forms the new intermediate test station,
which is Level 9, now
available to
those who have completed the first
8 levels of PuPs.

Level 10 utilizes SoundWave Integration
and Dominant Waveform Guidance
the protection of the Black Tourmaline
Demon Filters in the
SuperBeacon. It
is very exciting and has shown itself
to be a powerful ally
when we delve
into the strange and unusual parallel
worlds far beyond the
simple parallel
worlds into which we range through
dreaming and psychic
voyaging with the
Beacon and verbal inductions.

Level 11 provides some thrills as we
get further out into more adventurous

zones where entirely alien landscapes
and physical laws are dominant. Here

one can obtain voyaging skills undreamt
of and unguessed at, in our limited

scope reality spectrum we call "Earth"
and its ordinary Flat Line Parallel

Worlds within which we have so far
confined our explorations.

Level 12 is our first venture into
somewhat Higher Realms in which we

experience the explosive nature of
forces beyond our small universe with
membrane contained domains and
energy fields. This first excursion
the realm of physical laws is
one of many which lead to domains far
the scope of science and reason.

Level 13 is yet to be explored. I
am currently working on this stage
and will
hopefully have the level
released sometime in the next month
or two. It
deals with Interconnected
Dimensions and Lateral Transitions,
which must
be covered before Level 14's
voyages into Simple-Connected Double
Formations, and once again utilizes
SoundWave Guidance.

Level 14 will explore Double Helix
Parallel Worlds in Complex-Connected

Chain Formations.

Level 15 will utilize SoundWave
Guidance to help voyagers traverse
Complex-Connected Warps of Parker
Spirals modified by the Zeeman
in Parallel World Combinant and
Re-Combinant Helical Electro-
Fields, some contained within boundaries
and some entirely
"Wild Domains" with complex variables
and rapid changes in
field and effects.

Level 16 will be directed at contacting
PuPs at Higher Levels of Being,
in "Wild Domains" and Unified Fields
different from our laws of
It is currently under development
pending some safety issues
the scope of Black Tourmaline Traps.

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