Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wormhole Travel


Think of the field of voyaging as a
swiss cheese with millions
millions of holes, some of
which are straight, some
twist and
, and some turn inward upon
themselves at strange and unexpected
intervals. Now
imagine being propelled
through this massive interpenetrating
web of
wormholes by some gentle but
compelling force -- that would be your
mode of travel, pushed forward
by a combination of hungers and fears,

which we call your "Tendencies".

With the application of SoundWave
forces such as the vibrational tones
mantras, prayer, chanting, Tamboura,
Sitar and Zen Flute, your direction of

travel can be powerfully controlled
and directed to a definite and specific


Each level of goal opens the pathway
to a new and possibly higher endpoint

and to further realms.

If each of the mis-turns and obstacles
can be overcome through direct
of the Essential Self's voyage through
the body of "cheese", a very
voyaging effect can be achieved.

Think of the Zen Flute as a very very
powerful navigational tool, similar to
rudder on a ship, turning the vessel
to port and starboard, full ahead and
stop, full astern and half speed.

The Zen Flute in conjunction with the
SuperBeacon is the most powerful

spiritual navigation device imaginable
and obtainable in this universe. Used

with care and caution with the proper
safeguards in place such as the Black

Tourmaline Demon Filters, it is an
incomparable tool for spiritual voyaging.

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