Wednesday, November 4, 2009


1. Simple easy to follow instruction.

2. No music theory whatever.

3. 5 Minutes per day, no more, no less.

4. No massive homework or book study.

5. Don't need to read or write music.

6. Can play ANY song from rock to opera with 3 chords.

7. No stress, no pressure, just fun.

8. You learn to tune and restring a guitar.

9. You will learn several easy good-sounding strums.

10. Folk singing a total breeze with this method.

You MUST bring a guitar to class -- there are no
"loaners" available.
Students are advised to buy
or rent a nylon-string folk or
classical guitar,
a steel string guitar. A really good-sounding
easy-to-play classical guitar is
available from
Foggy Mountain Music on Main Street in
Grass Valley
under $100. A soft "gig" bag is acceptable, and
they are also available there
at very low cost.
Their classical guitar has a beautiful tone and
keeps its
tuning very well with machine screw pegs.

to get your guitar go to-

to come to a class call-

and here's a fun video-

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