Friday, December 18, 2009

Gorebagg's GhostHunter - A Game Review

GHOSTHUNTER is an action-packed, first-or-third person shooter. The player progresses from unranked noob to novice to neophyte to skilled to adept to master as she or he moves through the game. Points are awarded for killing monsters, bosses, opening chests, etc. They are taken away when the monsters hit you, when you buy ammo or take another minute of time. Beginning players may well end with a negative score. You have to be fast, accurate, dexterous and sparing with your ammo to achieve a high score. After some practice you should be able to get through the game in 15—25 minutes or so. The game has no save function, a feature shared by all of the Godd Games so far. You have to start from the beginning each time and play through completely in order to finish a game. At first the game seems repetitive. Upon further examination, however, more subtleties are revealed. Though the layout remains the same for each level, save the last, the monsters appear in different combinations in the chambers and corridors. Thus, higher levels become more difficult as more monsters are added along with the timing of their appearances. Sometimes you think you’ve cleared an area only to find yourself being attacked by more monsters that appear from unexpected quarters. The game is well-paced and engrossing. It achieves the author’s stated aim of raising attention and presence on the part of the player and will stand repeated playing. I recommend it highly to all voyagers everywhere.

Mick Perry

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