Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Game Design

Hi welcome to gorebagg's world. My name is gorebagg and i've been making worlds for quite some time now, starting with tabletop games and working into videogames on the amiga platform back in the 1970s, and into the pc about 20 years ago. Lately, i've designed an entire online mass player game with live dungeon masters working various areas of the map, and continually changing situations and environments. Our Godd gaming engine is capable of creating and rendering effects far more sophisticated than any engine on the market today. It has thousands of game effects and millions of rendering, imaging and audio effects and i have at my disposal an entire monster, overworld and underworld system.

My background in art and architecture doesn't guarantee a gorgeous surrounding, but it certainly helps. I have incredible folks on my team providing me with the incredible textures, models, sounds, tight beautiful rendering, online meshing and engine miracles that make any design look good.

I am a very good trapper assassin and was, in fact, the number one assassin on the diablo 3 ladder its last season. Trapper assassin was my profession during the cold war and i have brought my skills to the game development profession. I create environments, then provide mazes and puzzles to solve. A maze is a confusing and disorienting system of passageways and connections which mislead the uninitiated into wrong turns and traps...and that's where my former profession comes in handy.

I set AND BAIT traps along the maze causeways and the alleyways and back streets and sewers and dungeons and bad looking places in general. Baiting a trap merely means making it look attractive and harmless when it probably isn't.

Naturally, in order to create even better and more confusing and effective traps, i make it so that sometimes it's a very nasty trap, taking away full life or even worse, nourishment, hydration and energy, and sometimes it's a nice reward, such as an armor upgrade or a magic charm such as "88% Chance to Avoid AssHats for 30 Seconds".

Yes, there's plenty of humor in my stories...that's what games are, after all...stories. A videogame is no more interactive than a bedtime story, except that the work of the imagination is re-oriented toward something transcending the creation of a mental image of the environment within which the story is unfolding.

To me, a game without challenge is a boring game. Once again, my skills in Cold War Dirty Tricks makes it easy for me to imagine up some really tooth-grinding, jaw-setting curse muttering situations for any gamer from legendary to noob, rank beginner. I make levels of difficulty so you can learn the game from the ground up.

I like a game that has some jumping skills required, but not everyone can master those, so i make a longer route available to the
non-jumpers and non-climbers in the party.

Obstacles are fun to overcome, but some just can't be. They need another not necessarily obvious solution. Puzzles in 3D games differ from mazes in that a puzzle can take place in a single room, yet in a strange sort of way, a single room puzzle can be seen as a three dimensional maze. I also create temporal mazes, meaning mazes through time rather than through space.

Struggles of various kinds create a sort of ease of passage eventually. This is called "maze brightness" and if there's nothing else going on but a maze and a series of puzzles, the game gets quicly boring and you'll stop playing it.

One of my remedies for this is to make a random map, meaning that events, monsters and such will vary depending upon the random generator's selection of map variation.

Another remedy is to create randomity in the treasure drops, the finding of restoratives, the types of monsters encountered and more.

The best remedy of all for boredom is to replace the artificial machine intelligence with that of a crafty, relentless, cruel and mean warlord who's really into heavy domination. That sort of person is called a dungeon master, and with my design, any hosted game can be run by a living dungeon master who can at will change any of the effects in the map, calling up monsters, redesigning the game, and more...

sounds like fun? it is fun, but the real secret is, will you still be playing in gorebagg's world 20 years from now? the answer is yes, but only if gorebagg's world changes with the times, evolves with a growing industry and adapts itself continually to every new breakthrough in game design.

The Godd engine is on the cutting edge of game engines. Gorebagg's world strives to realize that potential and make it so.

I hope you will explore gorebagg's world. I'll make it easy for you to put on your computer.

One big difference between gorebagg's world and other gaming worlds is the non-combat reward system. Find out more about it on my website @ http://www.gorebagg.com

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