Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gorebagg's Slayground is Open!

Well, the time has come, our Steam Tf2 server is now open for business, gameplay info below-

Welcome to Gorebagg's Slayground! We have been running TF servers since TF1 days, back in 95-96, and are dedicated gamers and game developers.

We encourage team-play and cooperation, good communication and a mature attitude regardless of the age of the player. Many of our clan members are youngsters, whilst us Clan LOL founders are well on the senior side of 60-ish, therefore this WARNING:

We will summarily kick any racist, sexual trash-talk or nasty player and, after three warnings, will permanently ban them from our server forever. Period. We do not enjoy spending our gaming time booting idiots, so don't be one, and you'll make our day a much more pleasant. We game between work times, to get ideas, share ideas and just relax. Relaxing does not include banning and handling online emotional dramas, but we'll wade in and rip another food exit for anyone violating our relaxtion time.

Our server is strictly controlled on these issues and admin is ALWAYS present when the server is open to the public. Note please that from time to time it will be password protected for clan practice and clan filming(we make funny and instructive YouTube vids).

Here's one we did just the other day with General Blue-

Here are our relevant websites: main website developer instruction online, live tv programming LOL homepages general website

Clan LOL was started back in 1978 with the help and participation of our friend Gary Gygax, who was co-developer of AD&D(Dungeon & Dragons). We have written dozens of online games as well as board games, and have realized several million downloads of our games over the years. We sincerely hope you enjoy your gameplay on our server. All we ask is that you respect the server and your fellow players. If you have a mod or map you'd like us to review for inclusion in our server rotation, merely mention it to any admin and we'll look at it with open mind.

One more thing:Our Blueline Academy is for solitary game designers who have more skills and interest than money, and no math or previous background in game design. Ask about it if you have any interest in game development and "Proof of Concept" game design. It is NOT a release engine, so don't even ask about release. We enjoy helping youngsters get started in the wildest most fun business in the universe, and our engine/editor system is designed with education in mind, not marketing.

gorebagg da lost, co-founder of Clan LOL

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