Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Office of Coincidence Control


Most of the results coming from the
Beacon Training have little to do
the actual training event.

What mostly happens occurs between

Lucid Dreaming is one definite and
profound effect of the Beacon Training.

Volitional and Waking Dreams are very
much a part of the Beacon work,
remembering dreams is also a common
report from Beacon users.

Note:Beacon model shown in video is
a Super Beacon-

In addition, a radical increase in
the number of coincidences seems to
be a
major noticeable factor in
Beacon Training.

Other notable effects include a
measurable increase in psychic
abilities and
in the ability to
handle life problems and obstacles.

Watch for these effects; please write
me an email with anything of the sort

that you notice happening as a result
of Beacon Training.



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