Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stress Comes From Stressing!


More than just a few folks have
written in saying that I made a
mistake in
one of the inductions
or another...actually, the
inductions are written out in

script form and then the recording
is double-checked against the script,
there aren't any mistakes in the
inductions...they're intended to
confuse at
certain points.

Keep in mind that the Beta-Brain
resists change, and tends to get
about confusing
short, the Beta-Brain has tons of

If the Beta-Brain gets upset about
the "wrongness" of an induction,
panic, don't give up and
don't worry about the fact that
you'll probably feel
like stressing
about it all. That's totally

When you play a game -- any game
Monopoly to Poker -- there
bound to be obstructions and
times of confusion, stress and most
of all,
frustration. Without
frustration, you'd stop
playing the
almost at the start. Frustration
is part of every game and should be
part of every
learning curve, and
in my game of Beta-Blocking, it is
definitely built in quite

If you just cannot stand an induction
because there are so many "mistakes"

in it, as I said, don't panic. It's
a powerful indicator that you need
Frustration Induction first.
You can get the Frustration Induction
directly from
my website-
Even if you don't get that
hit from the inductions, if you
suffer from extreme anal-
obsessive-compulsive disorder,
you might want to give it a whirl.

I can't say that it's the cure, but
it certainly will give you a different

perspective on the obsessive-compulsive
problem you face every day, and
the end, you might just, in spite of
yourself and all your internal processes

and childhood training, learn to relax
that anal sphincter just a little.

Don't forget that the muscles in
the anus are almost the same as those

around the mouth -- they're two ends
of the same tube -- and that if your

anal muscles are tense, your mouth
muscles will tend to be the

here's a way to reduce those horrible
facial wrinkles that you might never

have thought of!

Quite seriously, stress comes
directly from stressing. Sounds
obvious, but
that simple fact doesn't
appear to have made it into Popular
Wisdom as of
this date.

Stress can cause muscles to contract;
not just the muscles you can see, but

the internal ones that cause really
bad things to happen inside your body.

That stress is manageable by the
Essential Self, and is part of the
WHY of

Deep Meditation and Affirmation is
a powerful key toward mastering the

stress of just plain being alive on
Planet Earth, and could be a strong
ally in
learning to get along in
parallel worlds and the Afterlife
as well.

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