Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Time Is Not Linear


I have been developing a Past-Lives
Parallel-Lives video which provokes

long-forgotten memories of past and
parallel places, events and people.

Sometimes the people are not human
and not even bipeds, but you'll
think of yourself and your
friends and family as "people" even
when they're

The Visual Stimulus Training starts
at Level 9. You'll need Black
Grippers and a specific
type of portable DVD player. Sound
is carried by the
headphones as
usual, so you'll be using the ones
you've been using in the
lower levels.

The VS Training works by showing you
sights and sounds of parallel worlds

and a variety of time and space
"arenas" which will provoke vivid
recall of
the "hottest" trauma spots
in your pathway through an almost
number of parallel

This will naturally include past
lives, parallel lives and even future
because unlike your experience
in-body, you don't experience time in
linear format unless you're tied
to the organic sampling which comes

through the human biological machine.

I have a test VS Training system set
up in the Grass Valley Center right

now, and those who are fortunate
enough to be able to come train with
while I'm in the development stages
will be the very first to experience
form of Parallel World Training

I'm trying to make all the training
available without a trainer. The
only place
I've not been able to do
this so far is on Stage I Level 7,
Stage 2 Level 7 and
Stage 3 Level 7
-- that's written: I.7, 2.7 and 3.7
respectively. Those are the
so-called "Checker" levels where
you'll be using a very different type
device, one not made by me. I
purchase them from a biofeedback
which has distributed half
a million such devices.

They work just fine for the job and
don't need to be re-invented, although
don't much like the fact that they
are not in a single box -- they're
spread all
over a table when you use
them, but I do a simple re-crafting,
which some would call a "hack" of the
device to place it all in a single box
carrying case.

I can get as many of these devices as
we have Level 7 Checkers, so no

problem there. The checking procedure
is the same for all level 7s on all

stages, so there's only one training
needed, and I'm relatively certain I
offer that training in a live
online class so you can ask questions
while we
work through it -- and
questions there certainly will be.

In very high levels of training,
you'll need meteorite grippers
crafted around a
pair of GAO cores.
These are so rare and expensive that
I can't make them
to send out, but
by that time, your Essential Self
should be so highly
rehabbed that
money will no longer be an issue in
your life, and a plane
flight to the
HomeWorld Training Center in Grass
Valley will not be a major

If you're having trouble maintaining
in this treacherous economy, why not
the Prosperity Affirmation
You can use it with any
of the Beta-
Blockers. It's especially
power-packed when used with a Beacon
or a Zone
Box and then reinforced by
wearing the Prosperity, Black Diode
or Brujo

Prosperity has more to do with general
well-being and abundance of life-
and energies than with monetary
affluence, but don't forget that with

increased life-force, energetics and
a stabilized harmonized energy field

where the "Chi" force is balanced
creates good conditions for life-games

and increased capacity for livelihood.

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