Monday, June 22, 2009

The Beacon


The Beacon is a highly modified crystal radio
connected to a pair of copper-
wrapped quartz
crystals. It is not, nor was it ever intended
for, the
prevention, diagnosis or treatment of
any disease whether physical,
emotional or mental.

The Beacon consists of a glass-topped wood box,
with a 1/4" phono jack in
the front. Within the
box is a hacked combination of Morgan, Dunwoody,
and Bucher crystal radio technology,
terminating in a pair of psychically

The type of crystals in the grippers will vary
depending upon the psychic-
spiritual level of
application,including native quartz, black
fuschite, amethyst and chondrite
meteorite cores.

The crystal grippers are held one in each hand.
It does not matter which
cord is left and which
is right--plus and minus orientation is not
unless you are training on higher
levels, in which case the black cord goes
to the
left hand and the red cord goes to the right
hand for meridian balance.

Because the crystal radio circuit derives all
its power from the radio waves
themselves, there
is virtually no current running through the body
what normally comes through broadcast
radio waves in Earth's atmosphere.

Broadcast radio waves in the AM band have several
sources; man-made
"intentional" waves, Earth's
magnetic field and stellar radio waves including
those from the closest star, the sun.

Magnetism and electricity are co-related forces,
hence the measurable and
detectible field which
they generate is called the Electro-Magnetic

The Beacon is primarily a focus point for
psychic-intuitive energies, a
crossroad through
which very subtle energies pass and are brought
relationship with one another through a
coupling factor of sensitivity and
The Germanium crystal is called a "detector",
but what it actually
does is separate the
AC--Alternating Current--of the radio waves
into DC-
Direct Current,which can then be
processed by the remainder of the radio


If you have any questions about the Beacon,
you can email me through the

website or enter into any of my chatrooms and
forums. I'll
be happy to answer as best I can.
For pure theory, you can read my book on
Brane-Power technology which you will find on
the front page of Brane-, but please
remember that in the field of physics, everything
speculation-- even what has been "proven"
by technical math "proofs" and
lab results
will change as we learn more.

It has been said that today's magic is
tomorrow's science and that today's
science is
yesterday's magic. My Beacon and Beta-Block
spirit guides are
by those standards, 90%
magic and 10% science.

I think you will be pleased with the
results--fully energized and present with
attention, ready for life and all its surprises,
ready for passage into other
dimensions with
eyes wide open and a child-like sense of
thrill and wonder.

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