Monday, June 8, 2009

Do You Want To Be Smarter?


Have you ever heard the expression "you should take a Smart Pill"?

Maybe it's time to...and here's a Smart Pill you can take today!

The Smart Pill Beta-Blocker makes you smarter, a whole lot smarter right now, instantly, through the spirit radio power within you!

How does it work?
Radio waves direct it. Your own spirit radio biofeedback gives it power.

What does it do?
It makes you smarter by connecting up the dots in your parallel universe matrix.

What results can I expect?
You will feel smarter, act smarter and be smarter from the very first moment you put it on or your money back!

Have a final exam? Job interview? Problem client? Snagged project? Brane-Power Smart Pill Beta-Blocker is the answer for you! Try it today with no risk! Your money back if not 100% fully delighted with the results!

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