Friday, May 29, 2009


When belly-dance, bikini wax and booty-shake no longer work to get your man in that relationship-renewing mood, it's time to try...LOVE POWER.

Your Love Power Beta-Blocker is set to the Alpha Wavelength, with just enough boost to the Delta IV that the id goes right into sexy time arousal with romantic bells & whistles.

If you aren't 100% amazed at the results, send it back for a full refund! I absolutely guarantee that you'll be back in that Love-Power mode that you remember from the start of the relationship, whether it's been days, weeks,months or decades ago!!!

No need for fancy makeovers, creams, rinses and all those painful and messy remedies for that inevitable cooling down of passion. Love Power Beta-Blockers do it all...and it acts fast, fast, fast for quick, quick, quick relief!

Get your Love Power Beta-Blocker now! Results in a single day or your money back!

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