Saturday, May 23, 2009

Voyaging By Possession

Being "possessed" has lots of negative connotations
among Earthian
humans, but it isn't all about malevolent spirits entering our bodies while we sneeze, cough or yawn. We have counterspells against evil spirits coming in through the open mouth..."bless you" when we sneeze or cough, and we cover our mouths when we yawn, to block the open doorway.

The fact is that we are possessed anyway, every single day and night of our lives, whether we like it or not. We have a variety of astral parasites, some of which are your younger selves, some are your parents, teachers and acquaintances of your youth, still haunting you with a variety of commands, taunts, demands and beliefs.

We ourselves possess others. When traveling from one parallel world to another during the night-dreaming state, we occupy a variety of bodies in a number of different universes, and some of those bodies we drift into and out of might not resemble human biped life-forms at all.

In conscious Astral Slipstreaming using a Beacon Strapper, we might be a bit uncomfortable about occupying a life-form that is very different from the one we identify with so easily and convincingly, but the fact is that with the mental buffer of the Beta-Brain, we cannot really know what our normal body actually might be.

We slip and drift and stumble and wander from one reality stream to another all day and all night long, and as we do, the self-image shifts with the voyage, making each "place" or "body" seem as if it were the one in which we were born or spawned.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Through the control of the Beta-Brain, all facts about ourselves, our history,our beliefs, our destiny and our present relationships are shifted too. We assume that we have always lived in the body we are in at any given moment, and that its history is our history.

One single moment's examination will prove this assumption totally false.

You are not the person you were as a child, or as you were ten years ago.Memory of that person's life will seem as a dream to you, as well it should. You have not been in that body very long, and within a very few minutes, you will leave that universe or parallel world and enter into another, where your Beta-Brain in that world will do its best to convince you that whatever organic vehicle you landed in has always been your home, into which you were born and from which you will someday die.

Possession is the means by which we enter and leave bodies. Not all of those bodies, by the way, are biped, human or even organic. Some are made of light. Some are made of magnetics. Some are collections of elements making a "Portuguese Man O'War" type jellyfish, an assemblage or colony of separate life-forms making a coherent somewhat cooperative whole, such as a Slime Mold or a Human Being which is, technically, merely a cluster of smaller organics in a cooperative colony, just like a school of fish, a swarm of bees, or a pride of lions.

Traveling from one universe to another by leaving one form and entering another is technically called Voyaging by Possession, and is the main method used by shamen, who often call it "shape-shifting".

We will explore this method of interdimensional travel using the Beacon Strapper and the Beta-Blocker Amulet.

Why should we be interested in interdimensional voyaging? Because we do it all the time, but we do it in our sleep, even when we are awake.

Where are we going?

Why, Home, of course. But when we get there, we want to arrive with all the beingness and conscious awareness we can muster. And that's the point of the Brane-Power Training. To assemble ourselves around the Essential Self and to arrive as a collected beingness, to Invoke our Presence and to truly Be Here Now. Voyaging by Possession is one method of achieving this.

Using Astral Slipstreaming, you can easily navigate to the best work-path and bring yourself into the world in which you are Enlightened and working in The Work. You can only make conscious choices if you are able to see the crossroads clearly. Brane-Power is the way Home.

Walk the Path With Eyes Wide Open.

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