Monday, May 25, 2009

Actualize World Peace


Don't just Visualize World Peace. Make it so.

Have you ever seen someone walk through a roomful of chaotic people and as they pass, people seem to calm down -- for no apparent reason, the room gets quiet, almost as if it had suddenly turned into a library or a cathedral?

You can be that person!

With Beta-Block, Peace and Harmony swirl within you and around you.You become a spiral of good spirit and powerful love.

The pacification of a roomful of chaos is a direct result of beta block. When you're in the Alpha-Theta State, nothing seems important. You're in the moment and everything is wonderful.

When you wear your Beta-Block amulet, you're not the only one who enters into a state of bliss and harmony. Everyone around you is affected by both the Beta-Block amulet and your inner state of peace.


Wear your Circle of Peace Beta Blocker all day every day amongst as many people as you can.

Influence people around you by bringing Peace and Harmony everywhere you go.

When people ask you how they can help, tell them about the Circle of Peace Beta-Blocker.

Give Circle of Peace Beta-Blockers as gifts at Christmas, Chanukah, Birthdays, Graduations, Weddings, Confirmations, Baptisms -- when gift-giving is appropriate, the Circle of Peace Beta-Blocker is the gift that keeps on giving.

Sell Circle of Peace Beta-Blockers. If you have a gift shop, boutique or small business of any kind, put a Circle of Peace Beta-Blocker display in your workspace. One couple who operated a CPA firm in Denver actually retired from accounting and went full-time with Circle of Peace Beta-Blockers because their amulet income exceeded their accounting firm's income!

Go door-to-door with Circle of Peace Beta-Blockers.

Obtain a street-vendor's license and sell Circle of Peace Beta-Blockers to passers-by. You will be surprised how many people will love to wear them not only for what they do, but for how cool they look! It's a great piece of jewelry and attracts the eye as well as pacifies the neighborhood.

Give Circle of Peace Beta-Blockers to powerful people -- politicians, business magnates, wealthy and influential power-possessors, celebrities, movie and television stars, divas and bloggers! Let them tell their fans the story!

Get onto talk shows, blogs, forums, internet games, anywhere you can reach people, and tell them about the Circle of Peace Beta-Blockers and explain to them how they can help. Don't just Visualize World Peace -- Make It So!

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