Friday, May 29, 2009


It's two o'clock in the morning. I hear a muffled groan, a cry, a whimper and a threatening, growling sound...and then I wake up with a scream in my throat, sweat pouring off my forehead and palms.

I woke up just as I was about to die.

But no, it was just a dream. "Just a dream, a stupid nightmare," I reassure myself, and after a few minutes spent doing nothing in particular, I try once again to drift off to sleep, apprehensive that I might end up back there again.

Sleep doesn't come at once. I read, watch a little television, put a DVD in the player and watch a movie...then, mercifully, I drift off again into deep, deep sleep, in plenty of time to get enough restful refreshing energizing to face another day at work.

But here it is, four o'clock in the morning, only two hours later, and again I wake up with a gurgled yelp, having narrowly escaped death once more...or did I???

It seems to me that death was inescapable, and I am to tell the tale. How can that be???

It's easily understood in the light of parallel worlds. At every choice-point and crossroad of life there are at least two paths, each leading to a very different parallel world, and you just visited one or more of them while your present body slept in deep delta.

It's a common occurrence, one which can powerfully influence what we do in the daytime, yet we never really examine our sleep voyages, because we simply cannot remember them.

Now, at last, you have in your hands a potent tool for Lucid Dreaming, the Beta-Block Deep Delta. Merely place it by your bedside within a radius of 4 meters, which is almost 20 feet.

No need to turn it on -- it's crystal technology, so it's always on, powered by the incredible electro-magnetic energy of millions of transmitted radio waves coming from all over the Earth and even from outer space, from near and distant stars.

In the morning, you'll be entering your dream record into your Beta-Blocker LogBook, for later examination, interpretation and correlation with parallel universe experiences.

After some training, you'll be able to remember, and possibly even direct your actions in, your nightly dreams. Instead of nightmares, you'll be voyaging consciously in parallel worlds, connected by a thread to your present Earthly body, protected by your Deep Delta DreamWalker.

Why wake up screaming, when you can so easily, with Beta-Blocker technology, wake up smiling and happy?

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