Thursday, May 21, 2009

Masters Course

If you own a Beacon Strapper and you use it to go through Level III PUP Training, you will be eligible at that time to take the Master Trainer Course, after which you will be able to give Upper Level training to others, using your own Beacon and Strappers. At that time you will be able to deliver up through Level III Training.

If you start a Brane-Power Center, you are eligible to administer Level I PUP Training immediately, using the induction disks that i have provided, which are the Beacon Strapper CDs--there are 30 of them in the complete set. You can immediately upon receipt of the Beacon Strapper administer the Level I Training!

I ask $15 per training, which is 10 minutes on the Beacon, plus 5 minutes before and about 5 minutes after for orientation, questions, etc. so it comes to about 20 minutes per person in the first few trainings. After the fourth or fifth training, questions and confusions seem to settle down a bit.

If I gave the same training in New York, I'd probably ask $50, because the cost of living and delivering training is so much higher. Keep in mind that your training center is NOT owned by or part of the Insitute--it's your own thing.
I merely suggest that you keep the donations to a reasonable level so folks in your hometown can avail themselves of the training without pain.

I get 8 to 10 people a day in the center for training, and that's a nice number for me to deal with on a daily basis. I suppose I could handle 15 to 20 without too much stress, but above that, I'd need someone to help with the administration.

Don't forget that there is a bit of paperwork involved. The logbook must be filled out for each training event, and a copy should be typed up and sent via email to my office for evaluation and inclusion in my Big Logbook. I'll select the choicest entries and put them in my book about the training, which will be out, with luck, sometime by the end of 2009.

Keep in mind that this spiritual training is NOT intended for the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of ANY disease. The Beacon is NOT a medical device nor does it have any medical purpose or use. It is strictly a deep meditation device for use in the spiritual path as outlined in the ABD and other Insitute resource and study material.

I assume no liability for the use or abuse of any spiritual device or instruction delivered by me for the greater good. I wish this to be used for the benefit of all beings everywhere, and I hope you do, too.


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Masters Course.
And we all know what that means.
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And so is REGOS and STING.
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He turned you know.
He has " talent".
Unlike ROSSYWAR...he will survive.
But, Government being Government....
They had too many KILLA HILLAS.