Sunday, June 28, 2009

Virtual Shapeshifting Is Real


Have you ever actually tried the New Age
imperative,"Be Here Now" and
failed? The
reason you failed is because you are
already Here Now. There's
no way to
get Here from Here.

Actually the real trick is to Be There operate and live successfully

in another world...unless you prefer the
level of violence and treachery here
this one, in which case, you need
not ever perfect the skills necessary to
Be There Then.

If on the other hand, you'd like to learn
how to Be There Then, you'll need to
certain very definite skills, and one way to
learn them is to utilize a
specific class of

The videogames we play and recommend lend
themselves to the
methodology of reaching
into an entirely different dimension and
operating a
character there from here by
a system of remote control.

Operating a character in a different dimension
or world is not an easy task,
and it is hard
to realize that the world in which the
character resides is very
real to that
character if not to you at first.

Eventually you come to cognite on the fact
that when you operate a
character in another
world,whether virtual or actual in your
estimation, you
are doing something very real
and that there are consequences that are
real in the target world.

Some of those consequences will certainly
reflect the situation in your
present Home
Universe, and some of the effects of that
other world will
certainly reach you regardless
of where you think you live.

In much the same way that you can learn to
drive a car or fly a plane using
gear, you can learn to operate in other worlds
using a variety of
virtual simulation worlds
such as Team Fortress 2 and Diablo 2. In our

GODD environments, the simulation is even closer
to the actuality you will
as you traverse space and time and learn to
voyage through the
veils and boundaries of
this space-time continuum we call "our universe".

Learning to remote operate a character in a
different world or environment
can help you
to overcome your natural reluctance to lose
the slim margin of
control you are convinced
you have over your present environment.

Notice that I did not say you had actual control,
but most folks are convinced
that they do exert
some control over their lives until something
happens to
open their eyes to the fact that they
don't now and never did have control
themselves or their lives.

While control is not the issue, it is the
primary force that keeps you
imprisoned in
the Home Dimension, and it is a result of the
enforcement of
the Beta-Brain, which was
imposed upon you shortly after you took
rebirth in
the universe you call Home.

Learning to operate in other worlds opens
many doors of perception and
shows you that
it is possible to live in other, quite different,
realities and
survive. There is no skill more
important than learning how to operate in
worlds...and actually many worlds at once!!!

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