Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tools of The Trade


One element of the Beta Block Amulet is
overlooked by some, and
observed and acknowledged
by others...

It is the "Mojo" of the amulet, in which
we consider
the amulet as a magical or
spiritual apparatus, in
much the same way
that we would consider a
star of David, Chai, Mezuzah, Corno...
indeed, any amuletic jewelry worn by
all peoples
of all cultures around the

Far and above the scientific principles
of radionics,
which are very much fringe
science and not
demonstrable by any known
means other than that
radio waves exist
and that they do indeed affect the
bones, muscles, nervous system,
thought patterns and
emotional states of all types
biological life including plants,
amulets have another
mysterious qualitative,
"something" about them.

You cannot prove by any scientific method
the efficacy of Holy Water, the
Crucifix or Saints'
Relics such as the
ashes of ancient Tibetan Holy Men
or the
Knuckle Bone of St. Peter....but
they are
associated with miracles of
all sorts, and rightly so.

Millions have bathed in the Ganges and gone
to one questions the Miracle
Power of the
Shroud of Turin even though it
has been proven to
be no older than the
Middle Ages, and literally billions
amulets, charms and Holy Relics are carried
billions of people around the globe.

Amulets, charms and other Sacred Objects
are made
in a variety of ways, but all of
them carry in them
something far greater
and more powerful than
scientifically-accepted "Mojo" or magic.

The Beta-Blocker Amulets I produce have
a fringe
science background and are
dependent upon radio
waves, which exist
throughout Earth's atmosphere at
all times,
permeating everything on the planet with
full spectrum of radionics, but there
is something more
to them than just the
radio wave functions, something
and unmeasurable...

I call it "Electronic Mojo".

I cannot intellectually and with scientific
math prove
my thesis that the slight amount
of radionics penetrates
easily into the 11th
dimension at a distance of less than
10 to
the minus 27th millimeter, which is what I
"One Kaku" of distance, and that it opens
pathways into
the branes of parallel universes
which you can travel,
but with a little
practice with my inductions, you can
this to yourself.

Someday I hope that we will see laboratory
of this effect, but in the meantime,
the evidence will
have to be very subjective,
like the evidence for life
after death, near
death experiences, astral projection
creative visualization among other spiritual
and practices.

Blind Faith? Not necessary! Just practice,
practice, practice.

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