Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Community Universe


We will be meeting on Saturday
morning, July 25, 2009 to enact
certain rules and regulations and
obligations of members of our
community along gaming clan lines,
which have worked for many decades
to handle problems and interactions
among members.

If you decide not to participate,
you have no legitimate complaint
about the rules we adopt. At this
internet meeting/workshop, we will
make decisions that will profoundly
affect everyone connected with our
work community.

This is your chance to voice your
opinions! If you don't speak up and
vote on the issues, you'll have to
live with whatever those who did
attend have decided for you.


We are big enough now to need a
serious re-examination of exactly
how our work community works on a
day-to-day basis.

One model of the community universe
is that of a gaming clan, and that's
precisely what I have in mind for
the admin functions of our now worldwide
community. We've grown so large that
no one person can administrate, and
large enough that not even a small
group of cadre would be able to handle
all the problems that arise in a
community of this size.

In short, we need policies and admin
people to keep those policies working
for us.

I therefore propose to devote the
next ICW to the issue of admin and
community standards of behavior,
interaction and communication, with
the accent mainly on the need for
respect to the community, the admins
and the work itself.

I would use our online gaming clan
rules and regs as a template for the
community as a whole, expanding the
clan concepts into all areas of work
efforts and interactions of members.

I would start IMMEDIATELY with a clan
membership roll and a clear
definition of rights, regulations,
powers and obligations of members,
admins and cadre.

In my opinion the whole of our
regulations and requirements for
membership in whatever the organized
whole would be should be laid down
in immaculate and exquisite detail
covering every known contingency of
action and reaction in a community
such as ours.

Clan rules definitely DO work. They
have been proven over a period of
several decades. I strongly suggest
we adopt those rules and system of
admin that we now use on our TF2
servers to handle situations that
come up in the course of events
every single day.


take part @ 6:30am PST on-

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