Thursday, July 9, 2009

One Word


In the Act of Creation -- the Big
Bang -- the Logos, or One Word, was
uttered, and the Void became manifest.
We all know that factoid from our
Old Testament or the equivalent
thereof in any religion, any language.
It's the one thing about which all
religions and philosophies agree in
one form or another, whether we
think of the Word of Creation as
strictly mechanical or in some way

At that moment of Creation, which
physicists and cosmologists call the
Big Bang, an enormous explosion of
space and time ripped out of an
incredible tiny supermass which was,
according to calculations, about the
size of a mustard seed. Again, our
Old and New Testament in the West
and most of the Bibles of the world
agree on this point.

What happened to that very first
sound, that "Big Doh" of Creation?
It expanded, of course, and has
continued to expand at an
accelerating rate since that first
moment. We can see it in the
microwave background radiation maps
that have been charted out during
the past decade of great
cosmological discoveries.

So far, nothing found by cosmologists
disagrees with the Old Testament on
these issues. The Sound of Creation
is by any definition, the Voice of God.

This "First Sound" has reached us from
the Big Bang. It is contained in the
static that we can hear in an analog
AM radio which has been tuned to any
point between stations.

It is the fundamental operating
principle of the Beta-Blocker. If
you were to connect a set of
headphones or an amplifier-speaker
to any of my Beta-Blockers, you
would hear, somewhere inside the
static, the actual Voice of
God speaking in the Void.

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