Saturday, July 25, 2009

Get on The Prosperity Track


If you are using my Prosperity
Beta Blocker Amulet, you might
want to kick it
up a notch or two
with my newest release, the
Prosperity Path Induction,
is intended to be used when wearing
the Prosperity Amulet.

It's just a few minutes a day and
it will certainly bring you closer
to a
Prosperity Track. A Track is
the path your Essential Self makes
as it works
its way through the
Space-Time Continuums which form
your "life" as you
travel from Brane
to Brane.

How this works is that as you
voyage from Parallel World to
Parallel World,
you are gently
guided by the induction/meditation
into a track that yields
levels of Prosperity and Well-Being.
Although you are guided by my
YOU make all the decisions, YOU do
all the work to select the Right

Action Pathways! The Beta-Block
allows you to concentrate on your

pathways rather than on control of
the biological machine and its
mental chatter.

Following and consciously selecting
each "choice point" along your
Self Life-Track, you weave
a path through Parallel World after
World, switching and shifting
between realities from hour to hour
and from
day to day, just as you have
always done, but with this induction
procedure, it becomes a
conscious path.

With the help of the guided
induction/meditation, you
deliberately and with
full intention
work yourself toward a path which is
your best possible
Prosperity Pathway
through Space and Time.

In addition, I've added a few extra
touches, to give you the opportunity
refresh and revitalize and
re-energize yourself as you perform
the active
Prosperity Affirmation
Meditation. I use a technique that
was taught to be by
my friend Orm
McGill, the Dean of American
Hypnotists, who helped me to
and perfect my induction meditations
and with whom I performed at
Relles in 1982 at our Annual

Throughout the induction, YOU are
in TOTAL CONTROL. You remain fully

and completely aware and awake even
though the body and beta mind are

in deep reverie.

The space changes are totally safe
and YOU control the entire
guided gently into the
spaces necessary for the
Affirmation to
help you gain the
Spirit Power that brings you into
the Prosperity Pathways.

Let this new technology open the
gateway for you into the ancient
science of
Soul Travel, as you make
a path for yourself into higher
levels of awareness,
waking state
and prosperity.

Remember that you cannot get what
you cannot give -- part of
prosperity is
your own generosity,
kindness, courtesy, consideration,
hospitality, and a sense
of deep and abiding caring.

These Essential Self Tendencies are
very important for your Spiritual

Development as you work your way
toward a Parallel World where you
the actual ability to help
others less fortunate than yourself.
The Prosperity
Path will give you
the ability to exercise these gentle
habits of the Spirit.

Send for your Prosperity Path
Affirmation Induction today --
you'll soon be on
the Prosperity Path!

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