Monday, March 9, 2009

Gorby's Blueline Secrets

Get the Blueline Help you need! Fast, Fast Relief from Blueline Woes!

The result of over 22 years of videogame development and design dating back before Wolfenstein and DOOM, Gorby's Blueline Secrets manual comes to you in loose-leaf format within sheet protectors in a beautiful, colorful, illustrated binding.

Each subject is covered individually so that updates can be supplied in their place when new engines are released with new improved functions and effects.

Has a full listing of the most current moveact codes, tricks and time-saving secrets of orb design.

Every issue related to game design is covered in depth and detail by me-Gorby, and where necessary, illustrations are provided.

Send for this powerful Blueliner Tool now, while supplies last! This edition is Strictly Limited to the number of trees left standing or in the pulp mills.

Here's a video of a level I created-

And here's a short video tutorial by Claude Needham on making a pyramid-

You can see more level videos and level design videos created using the Godd engine
or, you can watch us live