Tuesday, April 27, 2010


According to many reports in the media,
medical wisdom these days
recommends 2.5
ounces a day of dark chocolate for stress
reduction. Stress
is a common cause of
health issues. In addition, some medical
sources say
that chocolate can be an
effective "brain food" and that I.Q. might
improved by the ingestion of a small
amount of chocolate each day, on the
of, say, one bunny ear or one Magic



Sunday, April 25, 2010


Sure, we all know life sucks. It
really does. And, sure enough,
after you've
lived your short,
miserable life, you do indeed die.
But is that all there is?

The answer is no -- that's not all
there is, unless you've focused your
life on
the organic, the biological.
There is a higher life available, but
it's not
automatic, not guaranteed.
You have to work for it, and work hard
to attain

How can one transcend the organic
biological life?

The first step is to realize that life
sucks, then you die. After that, one
first hear a rumor that there is
a higher life, a spiritual life, and
that it is
possible to attain it, but
that it is not guaranteed, not automatic,
furthermore, no one else can do this
work for you, you must do it for

The second step is to find a school which
can prepare you for higher life,
and to
enter into it with full intention and
commitment to remain in the
regardless of personal obstacles and
seductive organic and
temptations to abandon work toward
spiritual attainment.

The third step is to actually do the work
that leads toward spiritual
attainment and
the development of the higher
subtle bodies
which make life
beyond the biological life

Saturday, April 24, 2010


The first lesson you learn in selling
anything is that it's never the price,
the market, never the product.
It's always about the SELLER.

The BUYER is the focus of the
interaction, but NOT the focus of

ATTENTION of the seller.

The seller must remain focused on the
actual purpose, not the sale of the


What is the actual purpose of the

The actual purpose of the interaction
is the interaction itself.

Mostly the interaction consists of
helping the buyer overcome his or her
objections, superstitions and
self-limitations that prevent the

The seller must learn to LISTEN to the
buyer to actually HEAR what the
is saying, what the objections SEEM to
be and to try to listen between
lines, behind the shadow-show, to
understand what the objections really


The buyer will try to say "no" but
will be unable to be honest, and will
invent reasons why he or she can't
or won't buy the product.

All those invented reasons MUST be
answered by the seller, even though

they are not honest, not real. They
are the shadow-show that helps the

buyer say "no".

The product is a souvenir of the
interaction. It's something that the
can take away from the event,
but only works this way if the
interaction is
pleasant and positive.

Every "no" is a stepping stone toward

Every failure is a stepping stone to

A good seller learns from experience
and eventually sales are made on a

regular basis.

No seller ever makes a sale every time
they try to sell. Rejection takes

getting used to.

Rejection is not personal. It is about
the buyer, not the seller, if the seller
using the Basic Rules of Sale.

If the seller breaks the Rules of Sale,
the rejection is about the seller.

What are the Basic Rules of Sale?

1. Listen to the buyer.
2. Listen to the buyer.
3. Listen to the buyer.

The whole idea is not to bombard the
buyer with dogma and rationality, but

to LISTEN to the buyer's objections
THEM himself
or herself.

How you do that is an art, not a science,
but there are definite scientific

principles behind the art.

1. The buyer is on his or her way
elsewhere and you were never a part

of their plan to get wherever they
are going. You are an interruption
in their
plan, an obstacle on the path,

2. You must within a small fraction of
the first second of interaction

demonstrate clearly that what you have
is what they want. In your hand
be something they automatically desire,
that makes the mouth water
anticipated self-gratification and

3. The interaction MUST be short. They
are on their way somewhere
and you
must not be the cause for their delay
or failure to make their way to
it is they are attracted to or driven

4. Get and maintain eye contact. Do
NOT let your vision stray toward
product. The product is secondary to
the interaction.

5. Do NOT block the buyer's way. Stay
on the side and keep moving
with the

6. Follow the simple rule of "spare
change" and realize that you are

actually asking for spare change and
giving a chocolate bar in thanks.

7. Thank the buyer and be sure to say
"you won't be disappointed"
after the
sale is completed.

8. Make certain that you don't
concentrate on the money, the product

or the price. It's about meeting and
chatting and having a good interaction,

not about the product, price or marketplace.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Back when the Holy Mother Church protected
marriage by enforcement --
meaning you
couldn't leave the marriage, ever, until
death did you part --
couples were stuck
with each other for the remainder of their
time on Earth.

These days only 50% of all marriages
survive the divorce proceedings, and
number is steadily changing toward the 10%
norm. Why? Because
there's less and less
outside force holding them together, and
quickly discover that the biological
drives that attracted them don't last very


Competition for boy-toys and boy friends and
fast dates and momentary
intimacy with
strangers is powerful enough to drive the
booty dances at
singles bars into thriving
social networks, and the internet provides
such as youtube and myspace where folks
can advertise their loneliness
and sex drives
to their hearts' content.

The fact is that women used to be able to
count on their youthful looks to be
"bait" that attracted men, and that they had
until their late teens or early
20s to make
their catch. From then on, it was smooth

These days, relationships last an average of
three weeks to three months,
although couples
often stay together for as much as three to
five years by
sheer momentum. Sometimes it's
the kids who hold relationships together,
that's becoming less and less true as shared
custody becomes the

What does all this mean?

It means that women are faced with youth in
every direction. Men don't have
to worry about
staying young. Women are attracted to men
regardless of
appearance -- it's about other
issues like wage-earning, automobiles,
privilege and rank, social position, sensitivity,
humor and good

For men, it's about the booty, the boobs, the
face, the hair, the giggle and
the wiggle.

What that boils down to is that women have
to keep the "bait" in shape.
There are
countless ways to do so, offered day and
night on tv -- cosmetics,
fashion, jewelry,
anti-wrinkle and anti-blotch ointments, and
especially those
infernal booty, boob and
belly machines that slim, trim and firm up
important parts, the things that really
matter to a man about relationships.

Does this stuff all work to keep
relationships together?

Of course not. Eventually the initial
attraction becomes boring, repetition of

the same old things work to disintegrate
the couple's first-night fever.

Sooner or later, the relationship busts up,
and both partners are back out on
the carousel,
looking for new mates, different mates, better
mates...and they
find someone exactly like
the last one, only different, and that
takes them a few more weeks,
months or years into the future.

And then what?

It starts all over again, and that means
the makeup, fashions, slim and trim
makeovers, spas, trainings and social
networking, but as this
goes on, the couples
get older and older, less and less attractive,
less and
less able to depend upon nature to
provide the good looks and slim, trim
they had when they were first starting the
breeding cycle.

And what about beyond the breeding cycle?

There's still that need for the "perfect
partner", but now they're in their fifties

or sixties or seventies or eighties or
nineties. At 50, the slim trim machines

and some of the cosmetics still work.

Even into the 60s, there's a chance that a
nip and a tuck in plastic surgery
will help,
but beyond that, there's nowhere to go.

And even with all that commercial help in
preserving youth, the fact is that
gimmicks are only as good as the initial
attraction. You bait the hook,
and catch
a fish, but the fish eventually jumps out
of the basket and goes
back into the water
to mate again.

It's an endless dance, and the DJ keeps
yelling out, "change partners" and

there you are, at square one again and
again and again.

Gone are the days when you could use your
natural youthful looks to make
the catch
and it stayed caught.

Is there a solution?

Yes, of course there is.

The solution is to realize that there is no
"right answer". People are built the
they're built. Women want stability, and men
want variety. Women are
from Venus, the
world of romance, and men are from Mars,
the world of
conquest and war, and that's
built into the genetics, meaning it won't

change. There's no way to train humans to
be something other than human.

Is there a way to beat the system?

You bet there is.

You can learn to become independent of relationships.


By using the Super-Beacon to hook up with
the lost parts of yourself, those

scattered selves throughout the
Super-Universe of countless Parallel


Hook yourself up to your many parallel lives.

You'll never be lonely again.