Friday, November 27, 2009

Gorebagg's Tesla CD

hi all...Tesla is now available to
purchase on's what folks
are saying-

"Awesome game! Simply complete and
addictive. It reminds me of the old
Duke Nukem 3D, only better of course."
-- Gustavo, Portugal

"Just wanted to say "Thank-you!"
to EJ and gang for the wonderful
new game and work-tool, Tesla. It
plays well on the one-year-old iMac
I just acquired, and finally I am
able to enter into the GODD worlds."
-- Rick, Canada

go here to get you copy-

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tesla is Here!!! Brought to you by Gorebagg

From the madcap brain of the
Legendary Gorebagg comes TESLA --
designed with your mind in mind...
The quest is complex and difficult.
You have been selected to recover
the stolen parts of the Spooky Tesla
Spirit Radio, scattered throughout
the Palace of Cthulug the Thoroughly
Despicable. The various parts of the
Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio must be
gathered and brought to the Secret
Chambers of Cthulug, so that the
world-famous Canadian Scientist
and Hoover Repairman MrFixitRick,
together with his friends and lab
companions Gorebagg -- noted mad
scientist from the 37th century --
and Kru-Ruk, famous Quantum Mechanic
and inventor of the Quantum Monkey
Wrench, can activate the Spooky Tesla
Spirit Radio, enabling it to receive
the vital message coming from
Electrical Scientist and All-Around
Fun Guy Nicola Tesla, who now resides
in Parallel Universe L315a, thus saving
our Home Universe from Total Annihilation
by Cthulug and his evil minions,
destroying forever the Thoroughly
Rotten League of Very Evil Beings...
unless there happens to be a sequel ....

download TESLA now for a special introductory price of $6.95 @

Thursday, November 12, 2009


item shown is the - Super Protector

Under psychic attack? Ghosts in your room at night?
Troubled Spirits walking your hallway? Paranormal
Activity in your kitchen? Spooky Spirit
Manifestations bothering your guests and upsetting
your kids?


At last the Ultimate in Paranormal Protection!!!
Place the PROTECTOR anywhere in the home, carry it
with you everywhere! Developed by E.J. Gold for the
professional psychic investigator, private home &
personal use.

The TOROID PROTECTOR is the Ultimate in
Ghost-Chasers and Spooky Paranormal Activity
Dispels!Great for the Paranormal Investigator
and Ghost Busting Pros!!!

Pocket-Size Protector Range = 16 feet radius $125
Wearable Protector Range = 16 feet radius $125
Super Protector Range = 1/4 mile radius!!! $225

for more info go to-

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


1. Simple easy to follow instruction.

2. No music theory whatever.

3. 5 Minutes per day, no more, no less.

4. No massive homework or book study.

5. Don't need to read or write music.

6. Can play ANY song from rock to opera with 3 chords.

7. No stress, no pressure, just fun.

8. You learn to tune and restring a guitar.

9. You will learn several easy good-sounding strums.

10. Folk singing a total breeze with this method.

You MUST bring a guitar to class -- there are no
"loaners" available.
Students are advised to buy
or rent a nylon-string folk or
classical guitar,
a steel string guitar. A really good-sounding
easy-to-play classical guitar is
available from
Foggy Mountain Music on Main Street in
Grass Valley
under $100. A soft "gig" bag is acceptable, and
they are also available there
at very low cost.
Their classical guitar has a beautiful tone and
keeps its
tuning very well with machine screw pegs.

to get your guitar go to-

to come to a class call-

and here's a fun video-