Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Paranormal Activities


What if you actually succeeded in
raising the dead? Would you know
what to say? How would it go for
you if you contacted something or
someone from another dimension?
Would you know what to do if you
accidentally astral projected out
of your body? How would you know
if the spirit you've contacted is
actually Uncle Fred or some horrible
malevolent ghoul from the Other Side
of Hell? Is there a playful ghost in
the house
playing pranks on you and
your family? Is the poltergeist

Here at last is a practical, step by
step guide to an easy mastery of the
basics of paranormal activities.

Paranormal Activities Made Easy contains
everything you need to find or create a
haunted house, to hold a seance and speak
with the dead, to test your ability to
astral project
out of body, to find out
what lies behind the curtain of life and
death, to discover secrets and learn about
invisibility, telepathy, levitation and
more -- and, in a word, to master the

Photos profusely illustrate and reveal
the secrets held by the ancients and
medieval masters throughout the ages!
You will be the amazement of all
your friends. Paranormal Activities
Made Easy will be the most fun you ever