Wednesday, June 9, 2010


The book will be available in just
a few weeks. You can order it now
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My background in astral projection?
Simple. Been doing it across the

dimensions for countless millenia.

Recent experience? Backside in the
Army Security Agency Psychic Spy

Team...I have papers to prove it.
Recruited for the Remote Reader Unit

which was later called "StarGate",
other secret agencies and activities.

Problem with real Cold War Era Spies
like myself is that when you check on

their background, if they're the Real
Thing, all the good stuff is blacked
line by line.

According to the records, I was a
clerk-typist trainee, 006. That's
all you'll
ever be able to find out,
about me, period. Time of service?
Classified. Type
of service?
Classified. Places of service?
Classified. Training? Super-
Cost of training? $650,000 for a
clerk-typist trainee. Expensive

for a clerk-typist, eh? Even my
parents never knew what I did in
the service.

No matter how much clout you have,
you'll never find out any more than
from military intelligence and
Department of Defense written records.
can find my name on the official
Army Security Agency website
, but

Big deal. I don't need no stinkin'
badge. Try my Target Method of
and within two minutes,
you'll be
Out of Body. Guaranteed.
very own successful Out of Body
is all the credentials I'll

See you in Outer Space!


Monday, June 7, 2010

Get On The Ladder of Light!


It's quick and easy to Astral
Project with the Beta-Blocker AP
Boosters! Just strap your Boosters
on and use my simple easy 1-2-3
Method to zap out of body in seconds!

You'll be amazed at how easy it is.

As you walk up the Ladder of Light,
you will be able to travel as far
as you like in only seconds!

You can test yourself to see how
well you are doing! My course includes
Astral Projection Self-Testing and
Total Safety Psychic Protection System.

Most systems start you off in the wrong
place. My system starts you off right
WHERE YOU ARE and takes you up in a
simple step by step easy grade from
the Organic Body all the way up into
the Higher Bodies with no sweat,
no strain. It's easy, easy, easy!

You are in total control of your
progress. Go at your own pace. No
sweat, no strain, no frustration,
just a simple easy jump and you are
Out of Body.

Try it today! Send for my Astral
Projection Kit right now and be Out
of Body within minutes of receiving
it. Here's what you get:

1.BOOSTER HEADSET -- Five Beta-Blocker
disks mounted on a supercomfortable
black and gray Nike Swoosh Headband.

2.TARGET CARDS -- Six beautiful
full-color high-quality laminated
Brane-Power Target Cards printed on
high-grade art card stock.

3.METHOD BOOK -- Step by Step Instruction
Manual with everything you need to get Out
of Body instantly with no sweat, no strain.



1.DVD SET -- 8 DVDS with full information,
background, theory and practice of Astral
Projection. You will see students as they
project under instruction, hear about the
background and development of my Astral
Projection System, and learn about the
Method and its use and applications
in the Way of Service. Many hours of
intense study and great information on
the subject, useful on every level.
- $200.00

2.WRISTBANDS -- Set of 2 wristbands with
Beta-Blocker Booster Disks mounted. Great
for Astral Projection, can also be used
for Body-Work Cleansing, Psychic
Investigation, Paranormal Research and
Energy Boost.
- $225.00

3.ANKLE BANDS -- Set of 2 anklebands with
Beta-Blocker Booster Disks mounted. Great
for Astral Projection and for Body Workers,
Healers and Psychic Investigators.
- $225.00

4.POSTER SET -- Full-Color 11" x 17"
Higher Body Poster in the language of
your choice: English, French, Spanish,
German, plus 25 full-color posters
advertising your classes in Astral Projection.
- $75.00


You get a certificate on completion of
each grade of Astral Projection. You
can take the INSTRUCTOR'S COURSE online
to get your Teacher's Certificate for
each grade.

INSTRUCTOR'S COURSE for each grade - $100.00

Includes methods for bringing in students
and full support from our teaching staff to
help you through the process of setting up
an Astral Projection Academy.

The goal here is to get everyone into
the Higher Bodies and raise the
consciousness of the planet. We are in
a race against time and the ecological
destruction of Planet Earth.
Get on the Ladder of Light now!!!


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Friday, June 4, 2010

Get Off The Bus


In order to make excursions into
another dimension, it is necessary
to fully
transition. One way to
understand this is to get the idea
that your current life
in the
HomeWorld is like riding on a bus.
Suppose you are traveling
along a boulevard. You have traveled
this route for many years
and you
know it well.

The bus is familiar. You are
comfortable here, with the usual
the usual driver, the
usual surroundings and passing landmarks.
is well within the comfort
, even though there might be an
bump in the road.

Now imagine that you get a "transfer"
from the bus operator. This is a piece

of paper that allows you to take another
bus crosstown. If you remain on the

bus until its final destination, it
will eventually come to the Terminal,
End of the Line. Until now, you
have always remained on the bus from
to Terminal, back and forth,
endlessly, it seems.

If you were to disembark, leave this
bus, you would find yourself on the

street. Perhaps it will rain before
the crosstown bus comes. You won't be

aboard the comfortable bus, the bus
you've always been on. You will be
the cold, wet street, alone and
helpless, not knowing if the connecting
will ever come.

How can you leave the comfort of this
bus? It has always served you well,

taken you from one end of the line to
the other, and you have grown
to the faces of your fellow passengers.
You know what each
one will be likely
to do, how they think, how they behave,
how they respond.

The route you always take is very
familiar. You recognize every building
pass, you know the cars parked
along the street, you see the same
walking to and from work every
day. There are no surprises in store --
know how it will all come out.

Even though you are thoroughly tired
of the same old routine, and you are

well aware that it all leads to a Dead
End at the Terminal, you cannot easily

bring yourself to leave the protective
comfort of your Always Bus,
The Bus

You Always Take. It is a powerful
struggle to leave its protective cocoon

and go out the exit in the back onto
the cold, wet, windy street outside
bus. Yet somehow, you manage.

The street is indeed cold, wet and
windy. There is no sign of the
bus. Cars and taxis drive
past indifferently, the people inside
unaware of
your discomfort, your pain,
your agony and your growing despair

Then, finally, along comes the
crosstown bus and you board it
Who knows what it will
be like on this bus? The driver is
different, the
passengers are
different, and the route is different.
If you hope to survive
this journey,
you must also become different from
what you once were and
grow into the
differentness that is this crosstown

If you were to graduate from medical
school, art school or indeed any other

professional academy or university,
you would not expect to walk directly

into a high-paying position. You would
expect to hang your shingle, open

your business doors, and go out there
and hustle up some business.

Nobody with any sense of reality
expects to go directly from school
to instant
success. It will take work
and some amount of luck to succeed,
no matter
which profession you might

In the same way, it is impossible to
predict the outcome of change, whether

small or large, lifestream or parallel
world. It really all depends on your

attitude, willingness to extend yourself
beyond the box and your ability to put

your skills to work.

Life Stream changes don't just happen.
They are made. If you remain as
have always been, you will surely reap
what you have always gotten.
change does not come from outside,
but from within. The Advanced

Training Course is designed to bring
about change from within, which can

result in powerful Life Stream change.