Friday, May 29, 2009


When belly-dance, bikini wax and booty-shake no longer work to get your man in that relationship-renewing mood, it's time to try...LOVE POWER.

Your Love Power Beta-Blocker is set to the Alpha Wavelength, with just enough boost to the Delta IV that the id goes right into sexy time arousal with romantic bells & whistles.

If you aren't 100% amazed at the results, send it back for a full refund! I absolutely guarantee that you'll be back in that Love-Power mode that you remember from the start of the relationship, whether it's been days, weeks,months or decades ago!!!

No need for fancy makeovers, creams, rinses and all those painful and messy remedies for that inevitable cooling down of passion. Love Power Beta-Blockers do it all...and it acts fast, fast, fast for quick, quick, quick relief!

Get your Love Power Beta-Blocker now! Results in a single day or your money back!


It's two o'clock in the morning. I hear a muffled groan, a cry, a whimper and a threatening, growling sound...and then I wake up with a scream in my throat, sweat pouring off my forehead and palms.

I woke up just as I was about to die.

But no, it was just a dream. "Just a dream, a stupid nightmare," I reassure myself, and after a few minutes spent doing nothing in particular, I try once again to drift off to sleep, apprehensive that I might end up back there again.

Sleep doesn't come at once. I read, watch a little television, put a DVD in the player and watch a movie...then, mercifully, I drift off again into deep, deep sleep, in plenty of time to get enough restful refreshing energizing to face another day at work.

But here it is, four o'clock in the morning, only two hours later, and again I wake up with a gurgled yelp, having narrowly escaped death once more...or did I???

It seems to me that death was inescapable, and I am to tell the tale. How can that be???

It's easily understood in the light of parallel worlds. At every choice-point and crossroad of life there are at least two paths, each leading to a very different parallel world, and you just visited one or more of them while your present body slept in deep delta.

It's a common occurrence, one which can powerfully influence what we do in the daytime, yet we never really examine our sleep voyages, because we simply cannot remember them.

Now, at last, you have in your hands a potent tool for Lucid Dreaming, the Beta-Block Deep Delta. Merely place it by your bedside within a radius of 4 meters, which is almost 20 feet.

No need to turn it on -- it's crystal technology, so it's always on, powered by the incredible electro-magnetic energy of millions of transmitted radio waves coming from all over the Earth and even from outer space, from near and distant stars.

In the morning, you'll be entering your dream record into your Beta-Blocker LogBook, for later examination, interpretation and correlation with parallel universe experiences.

After some training, you'll be able to remember, and possibly even direct your actions in, your nightly dreams. Instead of nightmares, you'll be voyaging consciously in parallel worlds, connected by a thread to your present Earthly body, protected by your Deep Delta DreamWalker.

Why wake up screaming, when you can so easily, with Beta-Blocker technology, wake up smiling and happy?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Actualize World Peace


Don't just Visualize World Peace. Make it so.

Have you ever seen someone walk through a roomful of chaotic people and as they pass, people seem to calm down -- for no apparent reason, the room gets quiet, almost as if it had suddenly turned into a library or a cathedral?

You can be that person!

With Beta-Block, Peace and Harmony swirl within you and around you.You become a spiral of good spirit and powerful love.

The pacification of a roomful of chaos is a direct result of beta block. When you're in the Alpha-Theta State, nothing seems important. You're in the moment and everything is wonderful.

When you wear your Beta-Block amulet, you're not the only one who enters into a state of bliss and harmony. Everyone around you is affected by both the Beta-Block amulet and your inner state of peace.


Wear your Circle of Peace Beta Blocker all day every day amongst as many people as you can.

Influence people around you by bringing Peace and Harmony everywhere you go.

When people ask you how they can help, tell them about the Circle of Peace Beta-Blocker.

Give Circle of Peace Beta-Blockers as gifts at Christmas, Chanukah, Birthdays, Graduations, Weddings, Confirmations, Baptisms -- when gift-giving is appropriate, the Circle of Peace Beta-Blocker is the gift that keeps on giving.

Sell Circle of Peace Beta-Blockers. If you have a gift shop, boutique or small business of any kind, put a Circle of Peace Beta-Blocker display in your workspace. One couple who operated a CPA firm in Denver actually retired from accounting and went full-time with Circle of Peace Beta-Blockers because their amulet income exceeded their accounting firm's income!

Go door-to-door with Circle of Peace Beta-Blockers.

Obtain a street-vendor's license and sell Circle of Peace Beta-Blockers to passers-by. You will be surprised how many people will love to wear them not only for what they do, but for how cool they look! It's a great piece of jewelry and attracts the eye as well as pacifies the neighborhood.

Give Circle of Peace Beta-Blockers to powerful people -- politicians, business magnates, wealthy and influential power-possessors, celebrities, movie and television stars, divas and bloggers! Let them tell their fans the story!

Get onto talk shows, blogs, forums, internet games, anywhere you can reach people, and tell them about the Circle of Peace Beta-Blockers and explain to them how they can help. Don't just Visualize World Peace -- Make It So!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Space Invasion Evidence L@@K Here!

My dad was H.L. Gold, founding editor of Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine. I am current editor of and I thought I'd give my impression of Earth Invasion Forces that we might someday face, with a special thanks to my friend Bobby Shields, who taught me the robot moves when he worked at the Hollywood Wax Museum back in the 60s and to my lifelong literary agent and friend Forry Ackerman.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Voyaging By Possession

Being "possessed" has lots of negative connotations
among Earthian
humans, but it isn't all about malevolent spirits entering our bodies while we sneeze, cough or yawn. We have counterspells against evil spirits coming in through the open mouth..."bless you" when we sneeze or cough, and we cover our mouths when we yawn, to block the open doorway.

The fact is that we are possessed anyway, every single day and night of our lives, whether we like it or not. We have a variety of astral parasites, some of which are your younger selves, some are your parents, teachers and acquaintances of your youth, still haunting you with a variety of commands, taunts, demands and beliefs.

We ourselves possess others. When traveling from one parallel world to another during the night-dreaming state, we occupy a variety of bodies in a number of different universes, and some of those bodies we drift into and out of might not resemble human biped life-forms at all.

In conscious Astral Slipstreaming using a Beacon Strapper, we might be a bit uncomfortable about occupying a life-form that is very different from the one we identify with so easily and convincingly, but the fact is that with the mental buffer of the Beta-Brain, we cannot really know what our normal body actually might be.

We slip and drift and stumble and wander from one reality stream to another all day and all night long, and as we do, the self-image shifts with the voyage, making each "place" or "body" seem as if it were the one in which we were born or spawned.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Through the control of the Beta-Brain, all facts about ourselves, our history,our beliefs, our destiny and our present relationships are shifted too. We assume that we have always lived in the body we are in at any given moment, and that its history is our history.

One single moment's examination will prove this assumption totally false.

You are not the person you were as a child, or as you were ten years ago.Memory of that person's life will seem as a dream to you, as well it should. You have not been in that body very long, and within a very few minutes, you will leave that universe or parallel world and enter into another, where your Beta-Brain in that world will do its best to convince you that whatever organic vehicle you landed in has always been your home, into which you were born and from which you will someday die.

Possession is the means by which we enter and leave bodies. Not all of those bodies, by the way, are biped, human or even organic. Some are made of light. Some are made of magnetics. Some are collections of elements making a "Portuguese Man O'War" type jellyfish, an assemblage or colony of separate life-forms making a coherent somewhat cooperative whole, such as a Slime Mold or a Human Being which is, technically, merely a cluster of smaller organics in a cooperative colony, just like a school of fish, a swarm of bees, or a pride of lions.

Traveling from one universe to another by leaving one form and entering another is technically called Voyaging by Possession, and is the main method used by shamen, who often call it "shape-shifting".

We will explore this method of interdimensional travel using the Beacon Strapper and the Beta-Blocker Amulet.

Why should we be interested in interdimensional voyaging? Because we do it all the time, but we do it in our sleep, even when we are awake.

Where are we going?

Why, Home, of course. But when we get there, we want to arrive with all the beingness and conscious awareness we can muster. And that's the point of the Brane-Power Training. To assemble ourselves around the Essential Self and to arrive as a collected beingness, to Invoke our Presence and to truly Be Here Now. Voyaging by Possession is one method of achieving this.

Using Astral Slipstreaming, you can easily navigate to the best work-path and bring yourself into the world in which you are Enlightened and working in The Work. You can only make conscious choices if you are able to see the crossroads clearly. Brane-Power is the way Home.

Walk the Path With Eyes Wide Open.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Astral Slipstream

Most "aliens" are interdimensional travelers. The ones who aren't are wormhole navigators.

In advanced civilizations--which Earth isn't--"sailing" the wormhole seas and oceans is just as common as sailing the seas and oceans of Earth are to the present Earthian cultures.

It wasn't that long ago that Earthian humans were dumbfounded by oceanic travel. Trans-Oceanic shipbuilding is a fairly recent science dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries, although small oceanic vessels were built by the Vikings, Phoenicians, Minoans, Atlanteans and Polynesians as early as the 3rd Millenium B.C.

Still, it wasn't until recently that ocean voyages for the average person became commonplace.

Air Travel is of course even more recent, and when I was young, there were no jet planes, only noisy erratic prop planes which flew at relatively low altitudes and were totally subject to weather and bumpy air pockets, and had crude instruments for navigating fog and for landing.

Now, air travel is quite commonplace and distances are cut by the increased speed of air traffic. Instead of hundreds of flights per day, it's in the tens of thousands. Planes are so computerized that they almost fly themselves...and we're just on the brink of space travel not just for astronauts but for the common folk--that'd be you and me. Some civilians have already flown into space, at least into orbit.

Many ET civilizations have survived their own Nuclear Age. We might not, because humans are very warlike creatures, just like our nearest DNA neighbors, the chimp.

Will there ever be a nuclear war? We already had one. It was called World War II, and during that war, two nuclear weapons were dropped in Japan, one on the city of Hiroshima and the other on Nagasaki...and what's more, the Germans had The Bomb and were just on the verge of exploding it in the harbor of New York City when the war ended.

Just as there are many kinds of "aliens" or ET visitors to Earth, there are many modes of interdimensional travel. One of them utilizes a simple survival vehicle which humans have characterized as a UFO or "Flying Saucer".

The shapes of UFOs will vary considerably and many of them are not at all saucer-shaped. Some are cigar-shaped, some are shaped like a spinning top and some look like strange lumpy rocks or meteorites. Still others are unclear and tend to pop in and out of Earth's dimensional atmosphere like electrons vanishing from one orbit and suddenly appearing in another location.

Methods of travel will vary widely as their vehicles, but when they appear on Earth with UFO, USO or UBO vehicles, you can be sure they have made their Trans-Dimensional Sea Voyage by way of wormholes, most of which are created by the vehicle's "warp engines" as opposed to their antigrav local motors.

Interdimensional travel depends largely upon interdimensional navigation. Some ET visitors know how to get back "home". Some don't, and in this way resemble the Vikings who had no plan to return once they got wherever they were going.

As civilizations on Earth learned more about sea voyaging, the science of navigation also grew and expanded accordingly. Cartography--map-making to you--and the use of astrolabes, compasses, depth sounders, anti-weather measures, long distance submarine travel and more became urgent. Accurate time-keeping is a product of marine voyaging.

Einstein explored what happens to time during lightspeed travel. His whole exposition on a Unified Field of Reality is dependent upon what he imagined would happen if someone were able to run with photons at the speed of light, and much of interdimensional travel is about answering the magic question, "if I were traveling at the speed of light and I turned on a flashlight, would anything happen?".

There are several types of interdimensional travel that you need to be aware of. One of these is IBV, or In-Body Voyaging, in which one enters a UFO vehicle and navigates through one or more wormhole from one dimension to another or through a single "Brane" dimension by use of wormholes to leave re-enter that universe.

We should differentiate "universe" and "dimension". A universe is a contained space-time continum boundaried by a membrane, or "Brane", while a Dimension is merely a vector related to a locational loci or "points" of place-ness.

When traveling In-Body from one dimension to another, definite space and time phenomena will be experienced. Time happens differently as we travel up and down the scale from energy to matter, from e to m in the equation e=mc2.

But...there is a different style of interdimensional travel, one which does not depend on UFO vehicles and which has been used by shamen and magicians and witches and warlocks and all sorts of religious nuts throughout the ages of Earthian human existence.

This "OOBE"--Out of Body Experience--type of interdimensional travel is commonly called "Astral" travel and is quite common. As a matter of fact, it is experienced by YOU every single night, but you have been trained by your culture to call it "dreaming".

Every single night you leave your body for some length of time. It might only be seconds or even milli or micro seconds, but leave it, you do.

Of course remembering what happened is not easy, because in order to leave the body, you must pass through the deep darkness of the Delta IV stage of sleep, which has the effect of short-term memory erasure, to buffer your psyche from any off-world or strange experience that might impinge upon your everyday psyche.

The Essential Self can handle many types of existence and many kinds of physics, but the delicate daytime psyche typically can't...

And so we adjust our dreams to resemble our daytime reality.

If you were able to remain conscious during Out of Body Interdimensional Voyaging, which we call "Astral Slipstreaming", you'd be able to easily remember what you'd seen.

Keep in mind that you travel in this way all day and all night long. You slip in and out of a variety of parallel worlds all the time...but you are trained to live in the Beta-Brain, so you don't notice the space changes that happen to you all the time.

When you were a child, you had no such mental buffer, and you were aware of the continual shifting realities.

It's time now to re-learn those skills and to see where you actually are.

Until you can see the path, you cannot consciously walk the path.

Masters Course

If you own a Beacon Strapper and you use it to go through Level III PUP Training, you will be eligible at that time to take the Master Trainer Course, after which you will be able to give Upper Level training to others, using your own Beacon and Strappers. At that time you will be able to deliver up through Level III Training.

If you start a Brane-Power Center, you are eligible to administer Level I PUP Training immediately, using the induction disks that i have provided, which are the Beacon Strapper CDs--there are 30 of them in the complete set. You can immediately upon receipt of the Beacon Strapper administer the Level I Training!

I ask $15 per training, which is 10 minutes on the Beacon, plus 5 minutes before and about 5 minutes after for orientation, questions, etc. so it comes to about 20 minutes per person in the first few trainings. After the fourth or fifth training, questions and confusions seem to settle down a bit.

If I gave the same training in New York, I'd probably ask $50, because the cost of living and delivering training is so much higher. Keep in mind that your training center is NOT owned by or part of the Insitute--it's your own thing.
I merely suggest that you keep the donations to a reasonable level so folks in your hometown can avail themselves of the training without pain.

I get 8 to 10 people a day in the center for training, and that's a nice number for me to deal with on a daily basis. I suppose I could handle 15 to 20 without too much stress, but above that, I'd need someone to help with the administration.

Don't forget that there is a bit of paperwork involved. The logbook must be filled out for each training event, and a copy should be typed up and sent via email to my office for evaluation and inclusion in my Big Logbook. I'll select the choicest entries and put them in my book about the training, which will be out, with luck, sometime by the end of 2009.

Keep in mind that this spiritual training is NOT intended for the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of ANY disease. The Beacon is NOT a medical device nor does it have any medical purpose or use. It is strictly a deep meditation device for use in the spiritual path as outlined in the ABD and other Insitute resource and study material.

I assume no liability for the use or abuse of any spiritual device or instruction delivered by me for the greater good. I wish this to be used for the benefit of all beings everywhere, and I hope you do, too.


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