Friday, August 28, 2009

The Portal



I was fooling around on my workbench
a few days ago, mucking about with

a variety of elements, the result of
which is my newest discovery, the

What this does specifically:

1. It tunes you in to any nearby
Portal into some Parallel Worlds.

2. It "softens" the Portal, enabling
you to see and hear through it.

3. It sometimes makes it easier to
meld through the Portal.

4. It can also CLOSE the Portal,
making "rebirth" less probable in

certain circumstances.

5. It does not have the same effect
as the Black Diode in that it is far

more specific to softening, opening
and closing Portals.

The specific action of the Portal
Ammy is to "see" and "hear" into
worlds. It would be very
useful in "haunted" houses where the
Brane skins
are very transparent
already. It could be useful in
locating missing items or

possibly for psychics working with
investigators in missing persons cases.
might also be useful for obtaining
information not available through normal


The most obvious use is in "witching"
water or gold. I have had a few people

not normally "psychic sensitives"
locate both water and gold deposits
successfully, however, the laws
governing gold mining are now very
and it is no longer possible
in most cases to actually extract the
gold with all
the BLM restrictions
and regulations. We found about half
an ounce in just
under an hour, which
is NOT enough to justify quitting the
day job, but it is
possible, and I intend if possible
to organize a gold-
workshop for the Thanksgiving workshop.

One other rather interesting and
amusing item; years ago, the kids
buried a
small number of rather rare
silver charms somewhere in the
Using the Portal Ammy,
Barbara successfully located the
burial spot and we
recovered all but
one of them. They're actually
worthless, no point putting
them up
on eBay, but I found the event very
enchanting, and she now feels
empowered by the whole thing.

Anyhow, the Portal Ammy employs a
somewhat expensive set of elements,

but it is so important to me to get
these out there that I am making it

available for the same price as a
Black Diode and no, you can't switch
Black Diode for this -- I have to
put the money for this item out of

One more item:

The fastest way to get these out
there is to give them as presents
Christmas Season. I'll be
pricing the introductory ammy as
close to the bone
as I can in order
to make this possible for everyone.
There isn't any faster or
easier way
to get these into people's hands than
to have them wear them
and experience
what they are and what can be done
with their help.


for more information go to-

Thursday, August 20, 2009



BMI and ASCAP are shaking down every
retail establishment including
performance venues where
musicians are no longer permitted
to perform
their own music for free.

They claim that they have the right
to "fine" musicians who violate their

prohibitions $35,000 for every single
song they sing in public for free
even if
the musician owns the song.

In addition, the venue in which they
sing must pay some $10,000 to allow

musicians to come in and sing their
own songs and/or folksongs in the

public domain, plus royalty fees
for every song they sing based on
the size
of the audience, even if
the audience did not pay to attend
and the
performance is incidental
to the business, that is to say,
if the musician
performs in a
health food store, or a clothing

Morever, they threaten to imprison
folksingers and musicians peforming

their own original music, claiming
the right to enact criminal law as
if they
were government agencies.

Not only have BMI and ASCAP wildly
overstepped the boundaries of the

rights of musicians, they are acting
illegally. What they demand is both

against civil and criminal law and
is glaringly unconstitutional. It
is also a
violation of Taft-Hartley
and many other racketeering laws of
the United

Folksongs have long been an
instrument of protest against
injustice. With
these new demands
of BMI and ASCAP and their
mafia-like shakedowns of
businesses, their use of stoolie
goons -- they hire local high school

music teachers to inform on
businesses who allow folksingers to
come in to
sing for free -- and
their extortion practices,
folksingers can no longer sing

songs of protest against BMI and
ASCAP without fear of multi-million
fines and possible
imprisonment. Doesn't that sound a
bit like some
dictatorships you've
heard about???

It's a violation of Free Speech and
a definite Abrogation of Civil Rights,
millions of folksingers and
songwriters and performers are
joining in an
enormous grass-roots
campaign against it. If you are a
musician and/or
songwriter, I urge
you to join the class-action suit
now being organized
against BMI and

In the meantime, I urge you to SING
OUT in protest against this merciless

injustice being committed by
organizations who have single-handedly

destroyed the grassroots music and
musicians of this once-free nation.

I have written a number of original
folksongs. They are copyright-free
performance royalty free. I
urge you to write your own protest
songs and
encourage other musicians
to SING OUT FOR FREEDOM from corporate


Do not fear BMI and ASCAP. They are
800 pound gorillas who will soon fall

from power. The harder they are,
the bigger they fall!!! DOWN WITH BMI


gorebagg (ej gold)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Time Is Not Linear


I have been developing a Past-Lives
Parallel-Lives video which provokes

long-forgotten memories of past and
parallel places, events and people.

Sometimes the people are not human
and not even bipeds, but you'll
think of yourself and your
friends and family as "people" even
when they're

The Visual Stimulus Training starts
at Level 9. You'll need Black
Grippers and a specific
type of portable DVD player. Sound
is carried by the
headphones as
usual, so you'll be using the ones
you've been using in the
lower levels.

The VS Training works by showing you
sights and sounds of parallel worlds

and a variety of time and space
"arenas" which will provoke vivid
recall of
the "hottest" trauma spots
in your pathway through an almost
number of parallel

This will naturally include past
lives, parallel lives and even future
because unlike your experience
in-body, you don't experience time in
linear format unless you're tied
to the organic sampling which comes

through the human biological machine.

I have a test VS Training system set
up in the Grass Valley Center right

now, and those who are fortunate
enough to be able to come train with
while I'm in the development stages
will be the very first to experience
form of Parallel World Training

I'm trying to make all the training
available without a trainer. The
only place
I've not been able to do
this so far is on Stage I Level 7,
Stage 2 Level 7 and
Stage 3 Level 7
-- that's written: I.7, 2.7 and 3.7
respectively. Those are the
so-called "Checker" levels where
you'll be using a very different type
device, one not made by me. I
purchase them from a biofeedback
which has distributed half
a million such devices.

They work just fine for the job and
don't need to be re-invented, although
don't much like the fact that they
are not in a single box -- they're
spread all
over a table when you use
them, but I do a simple re-crafting,
which some would call a "hack" of the
device to place it all in a single box
carrying case.

I can get as many of these devices as
we have Level 7 Checkers, so no

problem there. The checking procedure
is the same for all level 7s on all

stages, so there's only one training
needed, and I'm relatively certain I
offer that training in a live
online class so you can ask questions
while we
work through it -- and
questions there certainly will be.

In very high levels of training,
you'll need meteorite grippers
crafted around a
pair of GAO cores.
These are so rare and expensive that
I can't make them
to send out, but
by that time, your Essential Self
should be so highly
rehabbed that
money will no longer be an issue in
your life, and a plane
flight to the
HomeWorld Training Center in Grass
Valley will not be a major

If you're having trouble maintaining
in this treacherous economy, why not
the Prosperity Affirmation
You can use it with any
of the Beta-
Blockers. It's especially
power-packed when used with a Beacon
or a Zone
Box and then reinforced by
wearing the Prosperity, Black Diode
or Brujo

Prosperity has more to do with general
well-being and abundance of life-
and energies than with monetary
affluence, but don't forget that with

increased life-force, energetics and
a stabilized harmonized energy field

where the "Chi" force is balanced
creates good conditions for life-games

and increased capacity for livelihood.

for more information go to-

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Office of Coincidence Control


Most of the results coming from the
Beacon Training have little to do
the actual training event.

What mostly happens occurs between

Lucid Dreaming is one definite and
profound effect of the Beacon Training.

Volitional and Waking Dreams are very
much a part of the Beacon work,
remembering dreams is also a common
report from Beacon users.

Note:Beacon model shown in video is
a Super Beacon-

In addition, a radical increase in
the number of coincidences seems to
be a
major noticeable factor in
Beacon Training.

Other notable effects include a
measurable increase in psychic
abilities and
in the ability to
handle life problems and obstacles.

Watch for these effects; please write
me an email with anything of the sort

that you notice happening as a result
of Beacon Training.



for more info go to-

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Zone Box Induction CDs

Here is a list of available Zone Box
Induction CDs:

1.WORRY--Personal worries, money
worries, family issues past
stress, job worries, boss issues,
coworker issues, sadness, despair,

depression, right decisions,
nightmares, sea of troubles.

2.SELF-ESTEEM--Courage, confidence,

3.TRUE LOVE--Faithfulness, high
communication, harmony,

compatibility, congeniality

4.ENERGIZER--increased energy, chi,
balanced meridians

5.WELLNESS--balanced chi, harmonized
chakras, deep levels of
restorative meditation and restful

6.LUCID DREAMING--Deep levels of
restorative sleep with lucid
and better memory of the dreams, some
initiative and volition during
which are astral or interdimensional

7.PROSPERITY--Abundance, confidence,
high spiritual awareness,
decisions, right action, sense of
fulfillment, Lucky Path, Infinite

8.INNER BEAUTY--Radiant Essential
Self shines through material
fat burner, mirror of radiance,
Manifest Being.

impaction and
obstruction resulting
from psychic spiritual disembodied

10.SPIRIT GUIDE--Guidance from Above,
Angelic Guides,
connection with higher
levels of Being, contact with Guardian
Messages from Beyond.

BONUS--Relaxation--restful, release
of tension, quietude, calmness. This
Induction CD comes free with the
purchase of the Zone Box.

These are the ZONE BOX Inductions
available at the present time. They

can be ordered on
They come in a crystal case with a

full-color insert and are priced at
$16.97. If you order all 11, you get
discount of 20% and a special
premium CD "THE ZEN ZONE".


If the purchaser of a ZONE BOX
wishes to upgrade later to a
purchase price is
fully applicable to the BEACON,
which is to say, they
receive a
$450 discount from the BEACON
price and they may keep the

by no means a substitute for the

BEACON. It does not function in
the same way nor is it intended
for work in
the PuP Soul-Recovery
Program. It is merely a way of
introducing the
concept and usage
of Beta-Blocking and Alpha-Theta
Inductions. The
intended for those who are not yet
ready to commit to the
deeper BEACON
spiritual path. In short, it is an
entry-level set of inductions
a much lighter-duty meditation
focusing and enhancing device.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stress Comes From Stressing!


More than just a few folks have
written in saying that I made a
mistake in
one of the inductions
or another...actually, the
inductions are written out in

script form and then the recording
is double-checked against the script,
there aren't any mistakes in the
inductions...they're intended to
confuse at
certain points.

Keep in mind that the Beta-Brain
resists change, and tends to get
about confusing
short, the Beta-Brain has tons of

If the Beta-Brain gets upset about
the "wrongness" of an induction,
panic, don't give up and
don't worry about the fact that
you'll probably feel
like stressing
about it all. That's totally

When you play a game -- any game
Monopoly to Poker -- there
bound to be obstructions and
times of confusion, stress and most
of all,
frustration. Without
frustration, you'd stop
playing the
almost at the start. Frustration
is part of every game and should be
part of every
learning curve, and
in my game of Beta-Blocking, it is
definitely built in quite

If you just cannot stand an induction
because there are so many "mistakes"

in it, as I said, don't panic. It's
a powerful indicator that you need
Frustration Induction first.
You can get the Frustration Induction
directly from
my website-
Even if you don't get that
hit from the inductions, if you
suffer from extreme anal-
obsessive-compulsive disorder,
you might want to give it a whirl.

I can't say that it's the cure, but
it certainly will give you a different

perspective on the obsessive-compulsive
problem you face every day, and
the end, you might just, in spite of
yourself and all your internal processes

and childhood training, learn to relax
that anal sphincter just a little.

Don't forget that the muscles in
the anus are almost the same as those

around the mouth -- they're two ends
of the same tube -- and that if your

anal muscles are tense, your mouth
muscles will tend to be the

here's a way to reduce those horrible
facial wrinkles that you might never

have thought of!

Quite seriously, stress comes
directly from stressing. Sounds
obvious, but
that simple fact doesn't
appear to have made it into Popular
Wisdom as of
this date.

Stress can cause muscles to contract;
not just the muscles you can see, but

the internal ones that cause really
bad things to happen inside your body.

That stress is manageable by the
Essential Self, and is part of the
WHY of

Deep Meditation and Affirmation is
a powerful key toward mastering the

stress of just plain being alive on
Planet Earth, and could be a strong
ally in
learning to get along in
parallel worlds and the Afterlife
as well.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Psychic Self-Defense


If, after you've done some Beacon
work, you feel a bit scattered,
and vulnerable, you might
want to try equipping yourself with
some of my
protective battle gear.

When exploring other dimensions,
there are always dangers -- entities
unconscious and malevolent are
waiting to eat the unsuspecting
traveler, just
as you'd expect to
find when traveling on Earth in
foreign lands and big

To them, we're rubes, potential
victims with no idea that we are
targets for
their hatred, lust,
nastiness and sheer desire to dominate.

In addition, there are subtle
dangers...the biggest danger of all
is not
violence or malevolent spirits.
They're the least of your worries.
The biggest
threat Out There is

Worlds await that seem...more inviting,
more thrilling, more....well,


It's sometimes hard to turn away from
seduction, even though you know

better. Every seduction leads to
disappointment, because there's
never ever
really anything behind it.

My answer is:

1. A set of Black Tourmaline
Grippers. The Black Tourmaline is
classic defense against psychic
attack and has long been known for
protective qualities. It was used
in ancient times for exactly this
You can find these on

2. A Black Diode Amulet. This will
prove, I believe, to become the

classic method of psychic self-defense
for all Beta-Blocker users in decades

to come. Available on

3. Dragon's Blood Bath Salts.
These are the absolute best cleansing

agent for psychic intrusions of all
kinds. I will make this available by
the formula with Kelly who
can then make them and offer them on

4. One more great addition to the
arsenal is the Checker, which is now

finally can get it on and
making time for anyone who wants to
be trained in its use. I'll be at
Neal Street Center for Checker
Training 2 times a week.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Be There Then


Have you ever actually tried the New
Age imperative, "Be Here Now"
failed? The reason you failed is
because you are already Here
There's no way to get Here from

Actually the real trick is to Be
There operate and live

successfully in another world...
unless you prefer the level of

violence and treachery here in this
one, in which case, you need not

ever perfect the skills necessary
to Be There Then.

If on the other hand, you'd like to
learn how to Be There Then,
need to develop certain very definite
skills, and one way to
learn them is
to utilize a specific class of videogame.

The videogames we play and recommend
lend themselves to the
of reaching into an entirely different
dimension and
operating a character
there from here by a system of remote

Operating a character in a different
dimension or world is not an
task, and it is hard to realize that
the world in which the
resides is very real to that character
if not to you at

Eventually you come to cognite on
the fact that when you operate a

character in another world, whether
virtual or actual in your
you are doing something very real and
that there are
consequences that are
very real in the target world.

Some of those consequences will
certainly reflect the situation in

your present Home Universe, and some
of the effects of that other
will certainly reach you regardless
of where you think you

In much the same way that you can
learn to drive a car or fly a plane

using simulation gear, you can learn
to operate in other worlds using

a variety of virtual simulation
worlds such as Team Fortress 2 and

Diablo 2. In our GODD environments,
the simulation is even closer to

the actuality you will experience
as you traverse space and time and

learn to voyage through the veils
and boundaries of this space-time

continuum we call "our universe".

Learning to remote operate a
character in a different world or

environment can help you to overcome
your natural reluctance to lose

the slim margin of control you are
convinced you have over your
present environment.

Notice that I did not say you had
actual control, but most folks are

convinced that they do exert some
control over their lives until

something happens to open their eyes
to the fact that they don't now
never did have control over themselves
or their lives.

While control is not the issue, it
is the primary force that keeps
imprisoned in the Home Dimension,
and it is a result of the
of the Beta-Brain, which was imposed
upon you shortly
after you took rebirth
in the universe you call Home.

Learning to operate in other worlds
opens many doors of perception

and shows you that it is possible to
live in other, quite different,
realities and survive. There is no
skill more important than learning

how to operate in many worlds...and
actually many worlds at once!!!

Another way of learning this is to
play our new TABLETOP game,
Party, which you can see more about

or, you can join us Saturdays and
Sundays on from
6:30-8:30am PST for live online
gameplay, for
more information
click here-