Saturday, December 26, 2009

BardoTown Death Run - The Newest Release from Gorebagg

Death has never been so much fun! BardoTown DeathRun is the latest PC Video game by Gorebagg the Lost and the GODD Development Team. Years in the making, it is based on his best selling book The American Book of The Dead.

Work on your Bardo habits now, while you can.

Download available @

The American Book of The Dead is available @

Friday, December 18, 2009

Gorebagg's Dragons vs Unicorns

Dragons vs Unicorns - the latest Godd Games release is a standalone map. It features NO FIREARMS -- fast-paced action, first or third person perspective with magical flamers -- Dragons and Unicorns battle a medieval setting for each other's flags. A must-see for kids and adults alike. A very sweet game released just in time for X-Mas fun.

download Dragons vs Unicorns now @

Gorebagg's GhostHunter - A Game Review

GHOSTHUNTER is an action-packed, first-or-third person shooter. The player progresses from unranked noob to novice to neophyte to skilled to adept to master as she or he moves through the game. Points are awarded for killing monsters, bosses, opening chests, etc. They are taken away when the monsters hit you, when you buy ammo or take another minute of time. Beginning players may well end with a negative score. You have to be fast, accurate, dexterous and sparing with your ammo to achieve a high score. After some practice you should be able to get through the game in 15—25 minutes or so. The game has no save function, a feature shared by all of the Godd Games so far. You have to start from the beginning each time and play through completely in order to finish a game. At first the game seems repetitive. Upon further examination, however, more subtleties are revealed. Though the layout remains the same for each level, save the last, the monsters appear in different combinations in the chambers and corridors. Thus, higher levels become more difficult as more monsters are added along with the timing of their appearances. Sometimes you think you’ve cleared an area only to find yourself being attacked by more monsters that appear from unexpected quarters. The game is well-paced and engrossing. It achieves the author’s stated aim of raising attention and presence on the part of the player and will stand repeated playing. I recommend it highly to all voyagers everywhere.

Mick Perry

download GhostHunter now @

Gorebagg's FartBomb - It's A Gas

Enter the world of FartBomb and fight your
way to freedom from invading Aliens with
the power of, yes, you guessed it! Farts!
A non-violent, hilarious game...perfect for
all this game now @

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

DRAGON 3D - New Release from Gorebagg

Dragon 3D the new tournament pc video game from GoddGames is here! This game is fast, very fast with direct controls, no "pause" or setups, just straight skills.

Watch the trailer-

download now @

Friday, November 27, 2009

Gorebagg's Tesla CD

hi all...Tesla is now available to
purchase on's what folks
are saying-

"Awesome game! Simply complete and
addictive. It reminds me of the old
Duke Nukem 3D, only better of course."
-- Gustavo, Portugal

"Just wanted to say "Thank-you!"
to EJ and gang for the wonderful
new game and work-tool, Tesla. It
plays well on the one-year-old iMac
I just acquired, and finally I am
able to enter into the GODD worlds."
-- Rick, Canada

go here to get you copy-

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tesla is Here!!! Brought to you by Gorebagg

From the madcap brain of the
Legendary Gorebagg comes TESLA --
designed with your mind in mind...
The quest is complex and difficult.
You have been selected to recover
the stolen parts of the Spooky Tesla
Spirit Radio, scattered throughout
the Palace of Cthulug the Thoroughly
Despicable. The various parts of the
Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio must be
gathered and brought to the Secret
Chambers of Cthulug, so that the
world-famous Canadian Scientist
and Hoover Repairman MrFixitRick,
together with his friends and lab
companions Gorebagg -- noted mad
scientist from the 37th century --
and Kru-Ruk, famous Quantum Mechanic
and inventor of the Quantum Monkey
Wrench, can activate the Spooky Tesla
Spirit Radio, enabling it to receive
the vital message coming from
Electrical Scientist and All-Around
Fun Guy Nicola Tesla, who now resides
in Parallel Universe L315a, thus saving
our Home Universe from Total Annihilation
by Cthulug and his evil minions,
destroying forever the Thoroughly
Rotten League of Very Evil Beings...
unless there happens to be a sequel ....

download TESLA now for a special introductory price of $6.95 @

Thursday, November 12, 2009


item shown is the - Super Protector

Under psychic attack? Ghosts in your room at night?
Troubled Spirits walking your hallway? Paranormal
Activity in your kitchen? Spooky Spirit
Manifestations bothering your guests and upsetting
your kids?


At last the Ultimate in Paranormal Protection!!!
Place the PROTECTOR anywhere in the home, carry it
with you everywhere! Developed by E.J. Gold for the
professional psychic investigator, private home &
personal use.

The TOROID PROTECTOR is the Ultimate in
Ghost-Chasers and Spooky Paranormal Activity
Dispels!Great for the Paranormal Investigator
and Ghost Busting Pros!!!

Pocket-Size Protector Range = 16 feet radius $125
Wearable Protector Range = 16 feet radius $125
Super Protector Range = 1/4 mile radius!!! $225

for more info go to-

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


1. Simple easy to follow instruction.

2. No music theory whatever.

3. 5 Minutes per day, no more, no less.

4. No massive homework or book study.

5. Don't need to read or write music.

6. Can play ANY song from rock to opera with 3 chords.

7. No stress, no pressure, just fun.

8. You learn to tune and restring a guitar.

9. You will learn several easy good-sounding strums.

10. Folk singing a total breeze with this method.

You MUST bring a guitar to class -- there are no
"loaners" available.
Students are advised to buy
or rent a nylon-string folk or
classical guitar,
a steel string guitar. A really good-sounding
easy-to-play classical guitar is
available from
Foggy Mountain Music on Main Street in
Grass Valley
under $100. A soft "gig" bag is acceptable, and
they are also available there
at very low cost.
Their classical guitar has a beautiful tone and
keeps its
tuning very well with machine screw pegs.

to get your guitar go to-

to come to a class call-

and here's a fun video-

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Trails Snoopy

Snoopy was in terrible pain for the
past few years. This week was her
absolute worst, a nightmare of pain
for her, with the left rear leg almost
useless, her ability to make the stairs
to the barn for biscuits was virtually
gone by yesterday. She lay quietly in
the back of the house throughout the
night, and at 3 a.m., she was gone,
passing gently into the Long Sleep.

Her last message was, "Thanks for all
the biscuits! See you in L315a!!!"

Readings for Snoopy were performed
within minutes of her passing, and
she's very thankful to be out of pain.

I had gotten up, uncharacteristically
early, 11 pm -- and worked on the
smartphone orb, ZombieJamboree while
she lay resting, preparing to pass.
Once done the orb will carry a Snoopy
character somewhere within it.

The orb is not yet complete...there
are a few more levels to construct,
but it is essentially looking as it
will look when it gets massaged into
the iPhone and G2 apps hopefully in
a few days, in time for a christmas

Snoopy was wagging her tail at the
end, and was well-tended in her last
hours. She hopes for you that when
your time comes, you will have as
easy and gentle a passing as was hers.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Captain Video

Set in a very unclear time period
high up in a secret mountaintop
retreat somewhere on Planet Earth,
Captain Video & His Video Rangers
were live broadcasts of the adventures
of this brave group of space police.
Their uniforms were generally suit &
tie with a football helmet, insignia
glued on rather clumsily. The total
budget per show ranged somewhere around
$25- $100.

Captain Video's sidekick was a youngish
fellow known only as The Video Ranger.
Captain Video's boss was the Commissioner
of Public Safety, whose jurisdiction
involved the western sector of the Miky
Way Galaxy.

Captain Video was DuMont Television's
entry into video broadcasts, starting
in 1949, only two years after the first
public tv sets were offered on sale.
Television sets numbered in the hundreds
at this time.

Tobor -- robot backwards -- was a
featured character on the show, and
was definitely the first televised
robot on public channels anywhere.

The show was broadcast live from the
Dumont Studio in the Wanamaker Department
Store building which was on the way
home from school for me when we lived
in Stuyvesant Town, so naturally I stopped
in after school and sat in the kids'
section behind the enormous early tv

Captain Video was as popular with all
ages of viewers, as was I Spy, Get Smart,
Wild Wild West and Man From U.N.C.L.E
during the heyday of the spy shows in
the 1960s.

The show was so popular with adults
that it ran in Prime Time from 7:00
PM to 7:30PM on the Dumont Network,
at what is now news time.

The size of the budget is only apparent
when you note that the curtain separating
the cockpit from the rest of the ship was
at first only a shower curtain from the
housewares department in the Wanamaker
store; the football helmet space gear was
from the sporting goods department, and
many of the props were borrowed from
Wanamaker's and then returned at the end
of the show.

Captain Video's live adventures were
limited during the first three years
to about 20 minutes; Ranger Rogers would
introduce Captain Video's "undercover
agents" and then show a typical Republic
serial featuring cowboys and such.

Dr. Pauli was Captain Video's Moriarty --
he was an insane and malevolent evil
inventor whose inventions always resembled
something you might find in a large retail
department store such as Wanamaker's.
Sometimes they'd take suggestions from us
kids about what to use for Dr. Pauli's
latest invention. I saw several hundred
broadcasts and the prop director was
always appreciative of suggestions from
the Peanut Gallery (yes, I was present at
live broadcasts of Howdy Doody, also, as
well as Magic Cottage, Mr. I Magination,
Kukla Fran & Ollie and more).

The primary spaceship that the producer
settled on was a V-2 style ship called
The Galaxy, since most of the writers on
the show were also writers for my Dad's
science fiction magazine, Galaxy, which
was one of the Big 3 SF magazines of the

Richard Coogan created the role of Captain
Video, and did the broadcast for about a
year and a half. When he left the show to
try his hand at live theater on Broadway,
his replacement was Al Hodge, who continued
the role until the show's cancellation in
1955. Al was a good friend and he and his
wife, who I believe was his second marriage,
used to visit us for dinner with the kids,
who I think were his wife's by another
marriage. Another family friend, Don Hastings,
played the Special Ranger throughout the show's
relatively long life, six years, which was a
record for pioneer tv shows along with the
Milton Berle Show which aired during the
same years.

Ed Norton on the Honeymooners is a
character who is a big fan of Captain
Video, and the show is mentioned on the
Honeymooners in at least two episodes.

Station breaks were peppered with
exhortations toward honor, decency
and ethics, along with live commercials
for various Captain Video products --
the most memorable was the pitch for the
Captain Video Decoder Ring which had not
only a decoder and a signal mirror, but
a compass and a two way lens device that
was...well, I'll let the Video Ranger
tell it:

"...and hey, kids, look through this
end and it's a magnifier! Look through
the other end and it's a SMALLIFIER!"

I never forgot that, and we kids roared
with appreciative laughter as he said
that line!

Early on, there were no scripts --
everything was improvised from a general
story outline, but by the year 1952 scripts
were being written by my Dad's stable of
Galaxy SF writers Damon Knight, James Blish,
Jack Vance, Isaac Asimov, Cyril M. Kornbluth,
Milt Lesser, Walter M. Miller, Jr., Robert
Sheckley, M'Intosh, Evelyn E. Smith, Jerome
Bixby, and one script by my Dad,
Horace L. Gold, in collaboration with me,
at the age of 13, my first script and
collaboration with him, but not by any
means the last.

Russell and Haberstroh added special
effects for the show sometime in 1952
using models and 16mm film effect spots
made at the Bunin Studio uptown, inserted
as required by the script. Morey Bunin
was famous for stop-frame animation but
also did a lot of outside work. I worked
for Hope and Morey Bunin on their production
of Alice in Wonderland, and had the delight
of also working on the set of Foodini at
about that same time. Foodini was a
hand-puppet who performed magic tricks.

It was about this time that I met Senor
Wences, who taught me a few simple tricks
of ventriloquism and how to write a
ventriloquist act. He encouraged me to
make my own vent doll and I did. I made
a minor living at this later on in Los
Angeles on Sunset Strip in the 1960s.

Only seven of the many hundreds of Captin
Video shows are available today, along with
24 more in the UCLA film archives. They
alone survived the destruction of the
entire Dumont Film Archive in the mid-1970s,
in which almost all early television shows
were obliterated forever by MetroMedia,
the company that inherited the film archives.
I was working for MetroMedia at the time,
and quit my job in the mailroom in protest
to their stupid short- sighted action so
reminiscent of the destruction of the
Library of Alexandria but frankly, knowing
those cold-hearted bottom-line bastards,
I don't think they noticed a thing.

ej gold

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wormhole Travel


Think of the field of voyaging as a
swiss cheese with millions
millions of holes, some of
which are straight, some
twist and
, and some turn inward upon
themselves at strange and unexpected
intervals. Now
imagine being propelled
through this massive interpenetrating
web of
wormholes by some gentle but
compelling force -- that would be your
mode of travel, pushed forward
by a combination of hungers and fears,

which we call your "Tendencies".

With the application of SoundWave
forces such as the vibrational tones
mantras, prayer, chanting, Tamboura,
Sitar and Zen Flute, your direction of

travel can be powerfully controlled
and directed to a definite and specific


Each level of goal opens the pathway
to a new and possibly higher endpoint

and to further realms.

If each of the mis-turns and obstacles
can be overcome through direct
of the Essential Self's voyage through
the body of "cheese", a very
voyaging effect can be achieved.

Think of the Zen Flute as a very very
powerful navigational tool, similar to
rudder on a ship, turning the vessel
to port and starboard, full ahead and
stop, full astern and half speed.

The Zen Flute in conjunction with the
SuperBeacon is the most powerful

spiritual navigation device imaginable
and obtainable in this universe. Used

with care and caution with the proper
safeguards in place such as the Black

Tourmaline Demon Filters, it is an
incomparable tool for spiritual voyaging.

for more information go to-

to purchase go to-

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Have you ever wanted to play guitar
but didn't quite know how to get

started? Now, at last, there is a
way -- it's called the 3-Chord Method,
anyone can learn it in a single
Guitar lessons generally cost
$100, but the 3-Chord Method
is only $15 for a two-hour class, and
you'll be
able to play guitar the very
first day!

EJ Gold's 3-Chord Method is presented
personally by world-famous
me-EJ Gold, I am a former student of

Pete Seeger
who has over 300 recordings
to his credit.

Of course you must bring your own guitar
to class. Steel-string or nylon
acoustic guitars only, please, no electrics.

Classes are on Sunday afternoons,
2PM to 4PM
sharp, at
127 Neal Street, Grass Valley, CA.
If you'd like to
attend, you MUST
phone ahead, at
530-271-2239 to be
invited to the class.
No walk-ins will
be admitted; strictly invitation-only!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Directed Flow


The use of the Zen Flute to produce
Pusher SoundWaves is similar to the

methods used in Fluid Dynamics to
direct flow and to introduce energy
into a
complex local field.

With the Demon Filters in place on
your SuperBeacon, you are protected

from the dominant effects of malevolent
beings as you open up and become

vulnerable during this phase of
voyaging. With some training, you'll
be able
to defend easily against these
lower but very powerful and potent

nonphenomenal entities.

The Zen Flute is used exactly as a
valving system in a closed-field

environment, except that the field
is not actually boundaried but is
restrained by something
on the order of a magnetic bottle
effect, containing
the energies within
a known set of coordinates.

How does it work? Imagine the SoundWaves
coming out of the Zen Flute to
be the
hands of guides in a river, pushing
your kayak through the rapids,
you to avoid rolling over or wrapping
around a rock or tree-branch.
Think of
the SoundWaves as "helpers" along the
way as the rushing water
slams you
through a swiftly changing set of
obstacles and dangerous
and drowning pools.

Now imagine yourself adrift on an
endless ocean with no navigational

guidance, no stars to steer by, no
sun and moon to offer directional
hints, no
magnetic North to provide
compass settings, and no wind to give
you sailing

This is where the Zen Flute's Spirit
Power comes to the rescue. Its

SoundWaves gently flow and buffet
your small craft to its destination,
though unseen and uncharted by
you. The SoundWaves push you through

the ocean of voidness, guiding your
every movement and protecting you

from pitfalls, traps, obstacles and
deadly dangers.

At your destination, the Zen Flute
wraps you in a SoundWave Protective

Barrier and keeps you safe as you
explore new worlds and alternate

realities, contacting your Parallel
World Selves and integrating them
your Essential Self Energy Field.

You can actually feel the effect of
the Zen Flute's powerful SoundWave

forces. Listen to TeaHouse of
Tranquility while connected to the
grippers of
your SuperBeacon, and you
will feel yourself being pushed and
about. This effect is magnified
by the SuperBeacon, and when applied in

higher Levels, produces a remarkable
voyage into Higher Dimensions.

To understand more about exactly how
this works, put a garden hose into a

bucket and see the effect as you move
the hose end about inside the
Changing the water pressure will alter
the effect.

Another example of this effect can be
produced in the bathtub. Place a bar

of floating soap or a tub toy in the
bathwater, and gently splash it with
pushed by your hand. You will
note that waves develop and propel
floating item in some direction
away from the hand. Then push some
from another slightly different
direction. The floating item will
alter its course slightly
or greatly.

This is very comparable to how the
SoundWaves produced by the Zen Flute

move the Essential Self through energy
fields and across Membranes and

dimensional barriers, except that the
Zen Flute SoundWaves are much
controllable and more highly directional
than hand-produced water
waves, and
that their effects are not surface-only
nor are they limited to
three dimensional
vertices. Their effect is entirely

The amount of force is not dependent
upon the force of the wind through the

flute. It is controlled by a combinant
variation of flow, quaver, pitch,
waveforms and purity, achievable
only with certain grades of flute such
the Modified Grenadilla and Tulipwood
Zen Flutes.

The Modification Process is itself
interesting and will be examined in
at least
one chapter of my forthcoming
book on the Zen Flute.

The power of the Zen Flute to influence
Spiritual Movement is another area

that will be amply examined in the
Zen Flute book.

Be sure to make the experiment I have
outlined. Hook yourself up to a

SuperBeacon or a Beacon and let yourself
get driven by the force of the Zen

Flute's SoundWaves for just a few minutes
and you will see exactly what it

can do and what its potential for
interdimensional voyaging will be for

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Attain A Higher Level


Working with Levels 10-12 has proven
very productive with the application

of the Zen Flute along with earlier
induction techniques.

I am releasing Level 9 to those who
have completed 1-8. Integration testing

has become redundant with the release
of SoundWave Integration 1A,
forms the new intermediate test station,
which is Level 9, now
available to
those who have completed the first
8 levels of PuPs.

Level 10 utilizes SoundWave Integration
and Dominant Waveform Guidance
the protection of the Black Tourmaline
Demon Filters in the
SuperBeacon. It
is very exciting and has shown itself
to be a powerful ally
when we delve
into the strange and unusual parallel
worlds far beyond the
simple parallel
worlds into which we range through
dreaming and psychic
voyaging with the
Beacon and verbal inductions.

Level 11 provides some thrills as we
get further out into more adventurous

zones where entirely alien landscapes
and physical laws are dominant. Here

one can obtain voyaging skills undreamt
of and unguessed at, in our limited

scope reality spectrum we call "Earth"
and its ordinary Flat Line Parallel

Worlds within which we have so far
confined our explorations.

Level 12 is our first venture into
somewhat Higher Realms in which we

experience the explosive nature of
forces beyond our small universe with
membrane contained domains and
energy fields. This first excursion
the realm of physical laws is
one of many which lead to domains far
the scope of science and reason.

Level 13 is yet to be explored. I
am currently working on this stage
and will
hopefully have the level
released sometime in the next month
or two. It
deals with Interconnected
Dimensions and Lateral Transitions,
which must
be covered before Level 14's
voyages into Simple-Connected Double
Formations, and once again utilizes
SoundWave Guidance.

Level 14 will explore Double Helix
Parallel Worlds in Complex-Connected

Chain Formations.

Level 15 will utilize SoundWave
Guidance to help voyagers traverse
Complex-Connected Warps of Parker
Spirals modified by the Zeeman
in Parallel World Combinant and
Re-Combinant Helical Electro-
Fields, some contained within boundaries
and some entirely
"Wild Domains" with complex variables
and rapid changes in
field and effects.

Level 16 will be directed at contacting
PuPs at Higher Levels of Being,
in "Wild Domains" and Unified Fields
different from our laws of
It is currently under development
pending some safety issues
the scope of Black Tourmaline Traps.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Zen Flute Concert -- Sept 19/09

EJ Gold aka Gorebagg presents an evening
of Zen Flute with band members Robbert Trice,
Lil McGill, Jim Rodney and Claude Needham.
Shape-shift and gather energy by pulling
together the power from the universe, from
the big bang energy field, from the still
center point itself. Through breath and
intention, EJ and friends gather and collect
energy to be used for the benefit of all
beings everywhere, come and be a part of
this space. PEACE


7pm @
Nevada City Veteran’s Memorial Building
415 North Pine St.
Nevada City, California

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Zen Flute Practice


The recorder as a Baroque instrument
is not now and never has been of

interest to me. In fact the first
time I had one in my hands was when
investigated the box containing a
rosewood recorder that had been left
me by Morgan just before she passed.

It lay in a beautiful antique box
with a shelf below and a double door
on the
top, probably originally intended
as a tabletop jewelry box. I opened it
examined the recorder within. There
was a plastic recorder in the bottom

section, and a very well-made rosewood
instrument in the top, which had
number "1960" stamped on each of the
three parts -- I assumed this
was the
year it was made or the manufacturer's
model number.

I could make out a name also stamped
on the parts -- "von Heune". I went

to the browser and googled the name.
There was, indeed, a von Huene

recorder company located in Brookline,
Massachussetts, so Barbara and I

called them that morning and spoke
to Emily in customer service.

I described what I had in the box,
and she asked for the serial number
of the
hand-made instrument. Now I
understood the number on the parts,
said, "1960". She left the phone
momentarily, and returned to it in
a matter
of less than two minutes with
the information about who had purchased
back in 1987, a full thirty years

She told us something about the model,
which is no longer made, and gave
the history. Then she said that she
could not guarantee the sound of a

thirty year old unplayed instrument.
It might be great, it might be terrible,

because an instrument like this, made
of fine hardwood, should be played

and cleaned and oiled regularly to keep
it in good condition.

I told her that I'd never played a
recorder. She said, "Can you get a
out of it?"

I struggled it together and tooted
on it a few times, then suddenly it
to come alive of itself, and
I was playing all sorts of sounds on
it, but nothing
like the Baroque
tootlings I remembered should come
out of a recorder.

"First of all," Emily said over the
phone, "the tones are very sweet and
I can
tell you that you have a very
good instrument there. Secondly, you're
it as if it were a Shakuhachi
Native American flute."

"Is that okay?" I asked. "I mean, will
it ruin it?"

"No, no," she replied. "Lots of people
play it in a wide variety of ways.

Modern recorder artists aren't all
Baroque music enthusiasts
and there
many very avante-garde compositions
for the recorder now."

I learned quite a lot about the care
and feeding of a fine hardwood recorder

from Emily, who studies at a conservatory
near Frankfurt in Germany, where
of the very best recorders are made
along with the American-made
von Huene
recorders which have a world-class

She also told me that I would probably
appreciate the Alto recorder as the

instrument of choice -- that the soprano
was somewhat limited in repertoire

and function, and that I might even
prefer the deep tenor, and
that I buy a few plastic recorders to
feel my way through this

I bought a Yamaha alto at Foggy Mountain
Music in Grass Valley that day,
and went
into the studio with that and Morgan's
soprano von Heune
rosewood instrument,
and cut an album with my friend, the
Grammy-winning sound engineer,
Oz Fritz.

Then a second album emerged, and a
third, and a fourth and a fifth and

sixth and seventh...

I quickly realized the potential of
this instrument as a tool for
It had the effect of
producing a profoundly transportative
sound environment
and a decidedly
strong and deep reaction on those who
heard it both in
person and on, where we posted a few of
the cuts from the
albums I'd made over
the week, one album per day.

The music came easy to me. Although
I'd never played the recorder, it was

the same for me as the sax, transverse
flute and guitar -- my
Personae or PuPs had helped me
to instantly master it, as anyone

with a Beacon could do.

I also noted a very strong healing
effect and had the idea that if plastic
could do this, perhaps the wood
flutes would have an even deeper effect.
kept in mind that the deepest secrets
of natural magic held by the Druids

was Tree Lore...

The upshot of all this is that I
ordered on approval four fine hardwood

recorders, one in pearwood, one in
boxwood, one in maple and another, one

which had appealed to me when I looked
on their website, the Rippert model

in Grenadilla, a very hard, dense darkwood.

The next day, a large package arrived,
within which were the four recorders.

I spent the day testing each one against
the other, looking for the best total


The result was that I kept all four,
because it turned out that each of them

had a definitely different effect,
especially in the area of spirit healing.

I also noted that the breath was
controlled in different ways by different

woods, and that the breathing was regulated
and trained even better than in
the case of
the plastic flutes, which were pretty good
for that purpose to
begin with.

The pearwood had the closest sound to
the Shakuhachi and
Native American flutes.
The boxwood was similar in its vibrations
and timbre to that
of the Turkish Ney.
The maple reminded me of the sound of
early hardwood
flutes I'd heard, and the
von Huene Rippert made of Grenadilla -- that
really something! It had an otherworldy
sound and was by far the most

I researched it and discovered that
it is described as "the best recorder

made, bar none," by several very famous
recorder artists. I had to agree.

The instruments had arrived next day air.
It was Thursday when they came
by UPS.
By the end of the day I had decided to
hold an impromptu House
Concert in my
barn on the following night, so we made
a few phone calls to
friends, and Jewel
and Lee went down to Sacramento to pick
up 40 brand
new and very comfortably
padded folding chairs. I was sure we'd
have at
least that many guests, and we did.

We videotaped the event, which is available
on DVD, and at the same time
we put it over
our private passworded video channel to a
few friends who
were unable to attend in

I was stunned at the reaction, although
I knew we really had something
two and a half hours of
Zen Flute music,
people did not want to
leave. When they
finally did file out, they did so silently,
as folks will do
having just spent some
time in meditation or Satsang.

I'm on the eve of my second Zen Flute
concert, with my friend Tito Rios,

who plays a terrific classical guitar
and has had many concerts with his wife

and performance partner, Petra.

I can now see several values to the
recorder if played as a Zen Flute:

1. It helps to naturally condition and
train the breath in a relatively safe

way, as compared to the stringent breath
training practices of certain types
spiritual practices, without the need for
continual supervision.

2. The Zen Flute has a profound
transportative effect on both the

player and listener alike.

3. The Zen Flute can be used to
demonstrate the direct personal effect

of PUPs, which is the almost instant
mastery of the instrument provided by

contact with the Parallel Universe Personae
who are able to play it through
the player.

4. Zen Flute sounds are definitely a good
source of spirit healing.
Different woods
produce different effects on a variety of
physical, mental
and emotional ills and
may assist other healing methods such as
naturopathic, homeopathic,
medicine wheel and
acupuncture techniques.

5. The Zen Flute opens gateways to other
dimensions and realities
and makes possible
a better connection to Parallel Worlds.

6. Integration and stabilization of Parallel
Universe Personae are
definitely enabled by
listening to and playing Zen Flute as a
spiritual practice.

7.The Zen Flute is fun to play, and the
music produced by it is quite

8. Hardwood Zen Flutes are profoundly
better than plastic ones,
although if
plastic is all that's available or
affordable, they'll do the job.

9. Zen Flute music opens the space and
softens the membranes,
making the Beacon
Practices easier. It can be used while
on the Beacon or
while wearing one of
the stronger amulets.

That's my report so far. Stand by for
more experiments and training
as they appear in the aethyrs!!!


for information, lessons and more go to-

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Portal



I was fooling around on my workbench
a few days ago, mucking about with

a variety of elements, the result of
which is my newest discovery, the

What this does specifically:

1. It tunes you in to any nearby
Portal into some Parallel Worlds.

2. It "softens" the Portal, enabling
you to see and hear through it.

3. It sometimes makes it easier to
meld through the Portal.

4. It can also CLOSE the Portal,
making "rebirth" less probable in

certain circumstances.

5. It does not have the same effect
as the Black Diode in that it is far

more specific to softening, opening
and closing Portals.

The specific action of the Portal
Ammy is to "see" and "hear" into
worlds. It would be very
useful in "haunted" houses where the
Brane skins
are very transparent
already. It could be useful in
locating missing items or

possibly for psychics working with
investigators in missing persons cases.
might also be useful for obtaining
information not available through normal


The most obvious use is in "witching"
water or gold. I have had a few people

not normally "psychic sensitives"
locate both water and gold deposits
successfully, however, the laws
governing gold mining are now very
and it is no longer possible
in most cases to actually extract the
gold with all
the BLM restrictions
and regulations. We found about half
an ounce in just
under an hour, which
is NOT enough to justify quitting the
day job, but it is
possible, and I intend if possible
to organize a gold-
workshop for the Thanksgiving workshop.

One other rather interesting and
amusing item; years ago, the kids
buried a
small number of rather rare
silver charms somewhere in the
Using the Portal Ammy,
Barbara successfully located the
burial spot and we
recovered all but
one of them. They're actually
worthless, no point putting
them up
on eBay, but I found the event very
enchanting, and she now feels
empowered by the whole thing.

Anyhow, the Portal Ammy employs a
somewhat expensive set of elements,

but it is so important to me to get
these out there that I am making it

available for the same price as a
Black Diode and no, you can't switch
Black Diode for this -- I have to
put the money for this item out of

One more item:

The fastest way to get these out
there is to give them as presents
Christmas Season. I'll be
pricing the introductory ammy as
close to the bone
as I can in order
to make this possible for everyone.
There isn't any faster or
easier way
to get these into people's hands than
to have them wear them
and experience
what they are and what can be done
with their help.


for more information go to-

Thursday, August 20, 2009



BMI and ASCAP are shaking down every
retail establishment including
performance venues where
musicians are no longer permitted
to perform
their own music for free.

They claim that they have the right
to "fine" musicians who violate their

prohibitions $35,000 for every single
song they sing in public for free
even if
the musician owns the song.

In addition, the venue in which they
sing must pay some $10,000 to allow

musicians to come in and sing their
own songs and/or folksongs in the

public domain, plus royalty fees
for every song they sing based on
the size
of the audience, even if
the audience did not pay to attend
and the
performance is incidental
to the business, that is to say,
if the musician
performs in a
health food store, or a clothing

Morever, they threaten to imprison
folksingers and musicians peforming

their own original music, claiming
the right to enact criminal law as
if they
were government agencies.

Not only have BMI and ASCAP wildly
overstepped the boundaries of the

rights of musicians, they are acting
illegally. What they demand is both

against civil and criminal law and
is glaringly unconstitutional. It
is also a
violation of Taft-Hartley
and many other racketeering laws of
the United

Folksongs have long been an
instrument of protest against
injustice. With
these new demands
of BMI and ASCAP and their
mafia-like shakedowns of
businesses, their use of stoolie
goons -- they hire local high school

music teachers to inform on
businesses who allow folksingers to
come in to
sing for free -- and
their extortion practices,
folksingers can no longer sing

songs of protest against BMI and
ASCAP without fear of multi-million
fines and possible
imprisonment. Doesn't that sound a
bit like some
dictatorships you've
heard about???

It's a violation of Free Speech and
a definite Abrogation of Civil Rights,
millions of folksingers and
songwriters and performers are
joining in an
enormous grass-roots
campaign against it. If you are a
musician and/or
songwriter, I urge
you to join the class-action suit
now being organized
against BMI and

In the meantime, I urge you to SING
OUT in protest against this merciless

injustice being committed by
organizations who have single-handedly

destroyed the grassroots music and
musicians of this once-free nation.

I have written a number of original
folksongs. They are copyright-free
performance royalty free. I
urge you to write your own protest
songs and
encourage other musicians
to SING OUT FOR FREEDOM from corporate


Do not fear BMI and ASCAP. They are
800 pound gorillas who will soon fall

from power. The harder they are,
the bigger they fall!!! DOWN WITH BMI


gorebagg (ej gold)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Time Is Not Linear


I have been developing a Past-Lives
Parallel-Lives video which provokes

long-forgotten memories of past and
parallel places, events and people.

Sometimes the people are not human
and not even bipeds, but you'll
think of yourself and your
friends and family as "people" even
when they're

The Visual Stimulus Training starts
at Level 9. You'll need Black
Grippers and a specific
type of portable DVD player. Sound
is carried by the
headphones as
usual, so you'll be using the ones
you've been using in the
lower levels.

The VS Training works by showing you
sights and sounds of parallel worlds

and a variety of time and space
"arenas" which will provoke vivid
recall of
the "hottest" trauma spots
in your pathway through an almost
number of parallel

This will naturally include past
lives, parallel lives and even future
because unlike your experience
in-body, you don't experience time in
linear format unless you're tied
to the organic sampling which comes

through the human biological machine.

I have a test VS Training system set
up in the Grass Valley Center right

now, and those who are fortunate
enough to be able to come train with
while I'm in the development stages
will be the very first to experience
form of Parallel World Training

I'm trying to make all the training
available without a trainer. The
only place
I've not been able to do
this so far is on Stage I Level 7,
Stage 2 Level 7 and
Stage 3 Level 7
-- that's written: I.7, 2.7 and 3.7
respectively. Those are the
so-called "Checker" levels where
you'll be using a very different type
device, one not made by me. I
purchase them from a biofeedback
which has distributed half
a million such devices.

They work just fine for the job and
don't need to be re-invented, although
don't much like the fact that they
are not in a single box -- they're
spread all
over a table when you use
them, but I do a simple re-crafting,
which some would call a "hack" of the
device to place it all in a single box
carrying case.

I can get as many of these devices as
we have Level 7 Checkers, so no

problem there. The checking procedure
is the same for all level 7s on all

stages, so there's only one training
needed, and I'm relatively certain I
offer that training in a live
online class so you can ask questions
while we
work through it -- and
questions there certainly will be.

In very high levels of training,
you'll need meteorite grippers
crafted around a
pair of GAO cores.
These are so rare and expensive that
I can't make them
to send out, but
by that time, your Essential Self
should be so highly
rehabbed that
money will no longer be an issue in
your life, and a plane
flight to the
HomeWorld Training Center in Grass
Valley will not be a major

If you're having trouble maintaining
in this treacherous economy, why not
the Prosperity Affirmation
You can use it with any
of the Beta-
Blockers. It's especially
power-packed when used with a Beacon
or a Zone
Box and then reinforced by
wearing the Prosperity, Black Diode
or Brujo

Prosperity has more to do with general
well-being and abundance of life-
and energies than with monetary
affluence, but don't forget that with

increased life-force, energetics and
a stabilized harmonized energy field

where the "Chi" force is balanced
creates good conditions for life-games

and increased capacity for livelihood.

for more information go to-

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Office of Coincidence Control


Most of the results coming from the
Beacon Training have little to do
the actual training event.

What mostly happens occurs between

Lucid Dreaming is one definite and
profound effect of the Beacon Training.

Volitional and Waking Dreams are very
much a part of the Beacon work,
remembering dreams is also a common
report from Beacon users.

Note:Beacon model shown in video is
a Super Beacon-

In addition, a radical increase in
the number of coincidences seems to
be a
major noticeable factor in
Beacon Training.

Other notable effects include a
measurable increase in psychic
abilities and
in the ability to
handle life problems and obstacles.

Watch for these effects; please write
me an email with anything of the sort

that you notice happening as a result
of Beacon Training.



for more info go to-

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Zone Box Induction CDs

Here is a list of available Zone Box
Induction CDs:

1.WORRY--Personal worries, money
worries, family issues past
stress, job worries, boss issues,
coworker issues, sadness, despair,

depression, right decisions,
nightmares, sea of troubles.

2.SELF-ESTEEM--Courage, confidence,

3.TRUE LOVE--Faithfulness, high
communication, harmony,

compatibility, congeniality

4.ENERGIZER--increased energy, chi,
balanced meridians

5.WELLNESS--balanced chi, harmonized
chakras, deep levels of
restorative meditation and restful

6.LUCID DREAMING--Deep levels of
restorative sleep with lucid
and better memory of the dreams, some
initiative and volition during
which are astral or interdimensional

7.PROSPERITY--Abundance, confidence,
high spiritual awareness,
decisions, right action, sense of
fulfillment, Lucky Path, Infinite

8.INNER BEAUTY--Radiant Essential
Self shines through material
fat burner, mirror of radiance,
Manifest Being.

impaction and
obstruction resulting
from psychic spiritual disembodied

10.SPIRIT GUIDE--Guidance from Above,
Angelic Guides,
connection with higher
levels of Being, contact with Guardian
Messages from Beyond.

BONUS--Relaxation--restful, release
of tension, quietude, calmness. This
Induction CD comes free with the
purchase of the Zone Box.

These are the ZONE BOX Inductions
available at the present time. They

can be ordered on
They come in a crystal case with a

full-color insert and are priced at
$16.97. If you order all 11, you get
discount of 20% and a special
premium CD "THE ZEN ZONE".


If the purchaser of a ZONE BOX
wishes to upgrade later to a
purchase price is
fully applicable to the BEACON,
which is to say, they
receive a
$450 discount from the BEACON
price and they may keep the

by no means a substitute for the

BEACON. It does not function in
the same way nor is it intended
for work in
the PuP Soul-Recovery
Program. It is merely a way of
introducing the
concept and usage
of Beta-Blocking and Alpha-Theta
Inductions. The
intended for those who are not yet
ready to commit to the
deeper BEACON
spiritual path. In short, it is an
entry-level set of inductions
a much lighter-duty meditation
focusing and enhancing device.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stress Comes From Stressing!


More than just a few folks have
written in saying that I made a
mistake in
one of the inductions
or another...actually, the
inductions are written out in

script form and then the recording
is double-checked against the script,
there aren't any mistakes in the
inductions...they're intended to
confuse at
certain points.

Keep in mind that the Beta-Brain
resists change, and tends to get
about confusing
short, the Beta-Brain has tons of

If the Beta-Brain gets upset about
the "wrongness" of an induction,
panic, don't give up and
don't worry about the fact that
you'll probably feel
like stressing
about it all. That's totally

When you play a game -- any game
Monopoly to Poker -- there
bound to be obstructions and
times of confusion, stress and most
of all,
frustration. Without
frustration, you'd stop
playing the
almost at the start. Frustration
is part of every game and should be
part of every
learning curve, and
in my game of Beta-Blocking, it is
definitely built in quite

If you just cannot stand an induction
because there are so many "mistakes"

in it, as I said, don't panic. It's
a powerful indicator that you need
Frustration Induction first.
You can get the Frustration Induction
directly from
my website-
Even if you don't get that
hit from the inductions, if you
suffer from extreme anal-
obsessive-compulsive disorder,
you might want to give it a whirl.

I can't say that it's the cure, but
it certainly will give you a different

perspective on the obsessive-compulsive
problem you face every day, and
the end, you might just, in spite of
yourself and all your internal processes

and childhood training, learn to relax
that anal sphincter just a little.

Don't forget that the muscles in
the anus are almost the same as those

around the mouth -- they're two ends
of the same tube -- and that if your

anal muscles are tense, your mouth
muscles will tend to be the

here's a way to reduce those horrible
facial wrinkles that you might never

have thought of!

Quite seriously, stress comes
directly from stressing. Sounds
obvious, but
that simple fact doesn't
appear to have made it into Popular
Wisdom as of
this date.

Stress can cause muscles to contract;
not just the muscles you can see, but

the internal ones that cause really
bad things to happen inside your body.

That stress is manageable by the
Essential Self, and is part of the
WHY of

Deep Meditation and Affirmation is
a powerful key toward mastering the

stress of just plain being alive on
Planet Earth, and could be a strong
ally in
learning to get along in
parallel worlds and the Afterlife
as well.