Wednesday, November 10, 2010

norton str33t script

The script for a theatrical production
of Norton Str33t is now available. I
have fully adapted the script as a stage
play, with stage directions, lighting,
blocking commentaries and pieces of
business and fast-paced dialogue and
interactions in a single set.

It can be performed royalty-free
anywhere -- of course, you're welcome
to donate any part of the proceeds if
you wish.

One set does it all. 2 male, 2 female
characters -- Bornless One, Mike,
Crystal and Audrey.

This script has been a long time in
coming -- I've been working on it for
the past 35 years on and off, and
finally have it where I want it for
stage production.

This is a blockbuster for groups,
and could bring people together into
a functioning study group with a lot
to handle. Public performance is not
necessary for the effect, but it helps,
and can build your study group very

Placement of Beacons and other
Beta-Blockers can make this a powerful
tool for transformation. Diagrams
and photos help you understand the
ideal stage placements for these items,
along with the magical props, costumes
and other props you'll need for a public
performance venue.

I have a selection of props, costumes
and magical effects that are called for
in the script -- order now, while supplies
last. Contact me for details. Some
set-building is required to make this
100% effective.


for more info go to-

Next to the Beacon this is about the
best work tool I have ever come up with.