Sunday, June 28, 2009

Virtual Shapeshifting Is Real


Have you ever actually tried the New Age
imperative,"Be Here Now" and
failed? The
reason you failed is because you are
already Here Now. There's
no way to
get Here from Here.

Actually the real trick is to Be There operate and live successfully

in another world...unless you prefer the
level of violence and treachery here
this one, in which case, you need
not ever perfect the skills necessary to
Be There Then.

If on the other hand, you'd like to learn
how to Be There Then, you'll need to
certain very definite skills, and one way to
learn them is to utilize a
specific class of

The videogames we play and recommend lend
themselves to the
methodology of reaching
into an entirely different dimension and
operating a
character there from here by
a system of remote control.

Operating a character in a different dimension
or world is not an easy task,
and it is hard
to realize that the world in which the
character resides is very
real to that
character if not to you at first.

Eventually you come to cognite on the fact
that when you operate a
character in another
world,whether virtual or actual in your
estimation, you
are doing something very real
and that there are consequences that are
real in the target world.

Some of those consequences will certainly
reflect the situation in your
present Home
Universe, and some of the effects of that
other world will
certainly reach you regardless
of where you think you live.

In much the same way that you can learn to
drive a car or fly a plane using
gear, you can learn to operate in other worlds
using a variety of
virtual simulation worlds
such as Team Fortress 2 and Diablo 2. In our

GODD environments, the simulation is even closer
to the actuality you will
as you traverse space and time and learn to
voyage through the
veils and boundaries of
this space-time continuum we call "our universe".

Learning to remote operate a character in a
different world or environment
can help you
to overcome your natural reluctance to lose
the slim margin of
control you are convinced
you have over your present environment.

Notice that I did not say you had actual control,
but most folks are convinced
that they do exert
some control over their lives until something
happens to
open their eyes to the fact that they
don't now and never did have control
themselves or their lives.

While control is not the issue, it is the
primary force that keeps you
imprisoned in
the Home Dimension, and it is a result of the
enforcement of
the Beta-Brain, which was
imposed upon you shortly after you took
rebirth in
the universe you call Home.

Learning to operate in other worlds opens
many doors of perception and
shows you that
it is possible to live in other, quite different,
realities and
survive. There is no skill more
important than learning how to operate in
worlds...and actually many worlds at once!!!

Another way of learning this is to play our
new TABLETOP game, Dungeon
Party, which you
can see more about on --

Friday, June 26, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Beacon


The Beacon is a highly modified crystal radio
connected to a pair of copper-
wrapped quartz
crystals. It is not, nor was it ever intended
for, the
prevention, diagnosis or treatment of
any disease whether physical,
emotional or mental.

The Beacon consists of a glass-topped wood box,
with a 1/4" phono jack in
the front. Within the
box is a hacked combination of Morgan, Dunwoody,
and Bucher crystal radio technology,
terminating in a pair of psychically

The type of crystals in the grippers will vary
depending upon the psychic-
spiritual level of
application,including native quartz, black
fuschite, amethyst and chondrite
meteorite cores.

The crystal grippers are held one in each hand.
It does not matter which
cord is left and which
is right--plus and minus orientation is not
unless you are training on higher
levels, in which case the black cord goes
to the
left hand and the red cord goes to the right
hand for meridian balance.

Because the crystal radio circuit derives all
its power from the radio waves
themselves, there
is virtually no current running through the body
what normally comes through broadcast
radio waves in Earth's atmosphere.

Broadcast radio waves in the AM band have several
sources; man-made
"intentional" waves, Earth's
magnetic field and stellar radio waves including
those from the closest star, the sun.

Magnetism and electricity are co-related forces,
hence the measurable and
detectible field which
they generate is called the Electro-Magnetic

The Beacon is primarily a focus point for
psychic-intuitive energies, a
crossroad through
which very subtle energies pass and are brought
relationship with one another through a
coupling factor of sensitivity and
The Germanium crystal is called a "detector",
but what it actually
does is separate the
AC--Alternating Current--of the radio waves
into DC-
Direct Current,which can then be
processed by the remainder of the radio


If you have any questions about the Beacon,
you can email me through the

website or enter into any of my chatrooms and
forums. I'll
be happy to answer as best I can.
For pure theory, you can read my book on
Brane-Power technology which you will find on
the front page of Brane-, but please
remember that in the field of physics, everything
speculation-- even what has been "proven"
by technical math "proofs" and
lab results
will change as we learn more.

It has been said that today's magic is
tomorrow's science and that today's
science is
yesterday's magic. My Beacon and Beta-Block
spirit guides are
by those standards, 90%
magic and 10% science.

I think you will be pleased with the
results--fully energized and present with
attention, ready for life and all its surprises,
ready for passage into other
dimensions with
eyes wide open and a child-like sense of
thrill and wonder.

go to-

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Get Into The Zone!


Due to yet another incredible breakthrough in
Beta-Blocker technology, I've introduced a line
of ZONE type sportsbands.I'll explain how they

In order to understand the function of a
a few fundamental facts about radio waves and
meditation in "THE ZONE".

When you're driving between towns, out in open
country, and you tune your analog AM radio,
you're bound to pass through frequencies between
stations, and that's where you'll hear some fuzzy
crackling sound called "static".

If you ask most people what radio static is,
they'll say "nothing", but it's far from
"nothing". Static contains the most important
natural broadcast radio waves in the universe,
that of the "Big Bang" itself, the exact moment
of Creation!

It's the actual SOUND OF CREATION which sets
the whole works in motion in an infinite expansion
of space and time, and that's what we're going to
hook up to in order to get you into THE ZONE.

Harmonics are the key. Just like pair of tuning
forks, you can get a second tuning fork to vibrate
by striking the first one and holding it near the
second, and that's the powerful radio frequency
force we tune into for the BRANE-POWER ZONE

But what have radio waves got to do with sports?
First of all, meditation gets you into "THE ZONE",
speeding up your perceptual sample rate like a
high-speed film of a hummingbird which, in effect,
seems to slow down time itself.

Secondly, the ZONE type of meditation keeps you
CALM,COOL AND CLEAR. If you're a golfer under
pressure to keep your score nice and low, or a
bicycle rider who needs to keep balance and
intuition high, you'll know how important it is
to keep your cool.

And if you're a pool or billiards player, swimmer,
hunter or tennis player, you'll want to take
advantage of the CLARITY factor, which helps you
to stabilize your breathing like a yoga master
without the years of the practice it would
normally take you to acquire the skill.

When you're free from worry and the pressure
of competition, you just plain DO BETTER, and
that's what THE ZONE is all about...staying
above the action, in a space where you're in
total control without that heavy drain that
comes from overwhelm and panic.

I'm so sure that you'll be amazed by the
100% GUARANTEED to improve your sports
experience or YOUR MONEY BACK!

Get into THE ZONE with my new BRANE-POWER ZONE



Tantric Sex


The body when correctly stimulated can operate as
an AM radio. When stimulated by a Beta-Blocker
radio device, it can be turned into what it really
was intended to be-a SuperHeterodyne Regenerative Transceiver.

Here's how I THINK it works:the tiny signals within
the Beta-Blocker are not in themselves powerful
enough to have a direct effect...but they do
in fact SUGGEST to the brain and nervous system how
to direct and redirect the energies within by
gently massaging the 7 Chakras into powerful action.

The specfic activity of the Chakras is to
regulate the energies by beat frequency
oscillation -- pulsing the subtle force of
higher energies through a form of internal
clockwork timing, a sort of psychic metronome.

It is the SAMPLE INTERVAL which determines our
experience of the universe and beyond. We normally
sample the universe in a beat frequency which is
significantly faster when the body is young. The
sampling becomes less frequent as the body ages.

This is like time-lapse photography. The faster and more often a sample is taken, the more time will seem to slow down. The wider the gap between samples, the more time will seem to speed up.

Deep Delta Meditation is produced by the triggering effect which slows the mind down -- the opposite of the martial arts "Zone" effect of speeding things up so actions can be followed and anticipated and fast incoming strikes can be parried and countered.

The Deep Delta state makes time seem to slow down and even stand still. Sound, light and other effect phenomena will definitely be altered by this deep meditative state, and when the meditation is over, little or no time will seem to have passed in the interval between normal state, meditative state and resumption of normal state.

Any Zen monk can verify this effect, and the Dalai Lama has commented extensively on the subject of time alteration as a result of deep levels of meditation.

Using the Tantric Star Beta-Blocker, the Deep Delta State can be achieved in just a few moments, eliminating the months and years of training normally required to achieve the Deep Delta.

Deep Delta IV, the Blackout Stage which forms
a curtain,a Cloud of Unknowing, between states
of consciousness, can be penetrated through
conscious passage between the Delta States.
This is easily achieved by the use of the Tantric
Star Beta-Blocker when properly applied and when
it is used with the guidance of the Tantric Star

Each partner places the Tantric Star headband around the cranium, aligning the Tantric Star to the 6th Chakra at the spot on the forehead between the eyes in the so-called "Third Eye" position.

One partner lies in corpse position, facing upward. The legs are straight to begin with and then bent upward at the knee when the meditation begins--the signal for this is given in the meditation induction.

The other partner or partners will be seated over the lower partner on their knees, the upper body resting quietly in the erect position. Hands may be placed on breasts or hips of the partner or partners, although they may also weave themselves into a variety of gestures and mudras or hand and arm movements.

At this point, one allows the induction to point the path -- the AM crystal radio signals are indirectly employed by the 6th Chakra to stimulate much more powerful internal trans-Chakra rhythms and pulsations, which in turn suggest patterns of cosmic order related to the Cosmic Background Radiation of the Big Bang received as static within the radio waves processed by the Beta-Blocker device.

The Chakras do all the work, as suggested by the patterns and rhythms of the twin-tuned static within the Beta-Blocker worn on the head. Simply relax and let the induction help you harness the powerful sex energies and guide you through the Cosmic Consciousness Experience called the Waking State.

Tantric Star Headbands come in a variety of colors and patterns and can be ordered from The Tantric Star Headband, Instruction Manual and Induction CD are available as a boxed set suitable for placement in a bookcase or on bookstore shelves. Ask about wholesale pricing for stores and individual sellers. Organize a Tantric Star Party at your house and have a fantastic experience! Have a Tantric Star Date with your favorite boyfriend or girlfriend and experience the sexual thrill of many lifetimes!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Do You Want To Be Smarter?


Have you ever heard the expression "you should take a Smart Pill"?

Maybe it's time to...and here's a Smart Pill you can take today!

The Smart Pill Beta-Blocker makes you smarter, a whole lot smarter right now, instantly, through the spirit radio power within you!

How does it work?
Radio waves direct it. Your own spirit radio biofeedback gives it power.

What does it do?
It makes you smarter by connecting up the dots in your parallel universe matrix.

What results can I expect?
You will feel smarter, act smarter and be smarter from the very first moment you put it on or your money back!

Have a final exam? Job interview? Problem client? Snagged project? Brane-Power Smart Pill Beta-Blocker is the answer for you! Try it today with no risk! Your money back if not 100% fully delighted with the results!