Friday, July 9, 2010

Ancient Secrets

What Secrets Did The
Ancients Possess???

The primary secrets were invisibility,
levitation, teleportation, hypnosis,

shape-shifting, astral projection and
telepathy. All of those ancient secrets

are available today.

How do you obtain these secrets?

Certainly not by reading a book or
attending a lecture. These secrets
only conveyed in one way -- by

How does Initiation work?

Initiation conveys the entire secret
all at one moment.

How does one get initiated?

Largely by luck and persistence.
Initiation does not always "take".
It may
require several tries for
each Initiation. There are a total
of 10 Deep
Initiations, all of which
can be attained through the use of my
Initiation CDs under the proper

What are the proper conditions?

A good spirit, healthy goals and a
higher purpose are good
, after which, it's mostly luck
and timing.