Friday, July 31, 2009

Admin Overkill


Are you an admin on a TF2 server?
Do you sometimes long for the good
days when you could actually
play instead of resolving issues
with pubs???

Maybe you are suffering from
OAS...Over-Admin Syndrome....

OAS is a result of admins trying to
exert too much control. Just what is
much", anyway?

Let's examine the situation calmly
and without prejudice.

1. TF2 is a game. A friggin' game,
folks. It's just a bunch of pixels.

2. TF2 is a PG-13 rated game.
Have you ever really listened to
built-in soundbytes of the various
classes, especially the scout?

3. There's a LOT of violence in
TF2, and you will note that the demo

man wields a booze bottle, there's a
jar of pee you can throw on enemies

and more.

4. There's a voice comm channel
which can be either team talk or all-

talk. That means that anyone can at
any time let loose with a curse or
when they get frustrated, and
the game is meant to be frustrating
so it's fun
to play over and over

5. There's an unrestricted text
comm as well, both team and general,

and there are no "blockers" naturally
occurring in the game to defeat

attempts to write words not
considered okay by the admin group
on a

6. Most of the serious admin
problems are related strictly to
of the game, the server,
other players and/or the admins who
serve the
server and keep the game
honest. That means cheaters and
need to be kicked and
banned if they seriously disrupt
the game or actually
threaten the
server's ability to deliver services
to the public.

7. "Bad" language is very very
subjective. Nobody really knows which

words are "bad" on a server until they
are specifically defined, and no two

groups of people agree on which words
are not okay...that having been said,

there are two schools of thought here:

a. It's nicer to have a server
where foul and obscene discussions
not occurring and where female
players and kids can have some safety
obsenity and downright sexual

b. Have you ever served in the
Armed Forces? Well, I have, and one

thing I can tell you for sure is
that some words which are considered

offensive in public are peppered
very freely in conversation, and
in combat, where stress
relief is vital. When some people
play, they express
themselves with
"curse" words. Keep in mind that
those Anglo-Saxon words
were once
quite acceptable in public, while
words we consider today to be

very acceptable were considered
very gross and totally obscene,
such as
"plow" and "furrow". The
word "heck" is acceptable as a
substitute for "hell",
"heck" is short for "Hecate" the
goddess of the witches...So where

does that lead??? Keep in mind that
psychological warfare is a
art -- we are reprinting
Paul Linebarger's classic
"Psychological Warfare"
because it is an important aspect
of combat. Taunting is part of
and is built into the game, so why
not allow verbal taunting, to egg

someone on the opposite team to make
a mistake by using the Dark Side of

the Force -- ie; getting angry???
Are you torn on this issue? If so,
your feelings, Luke.

8. There are players with "issues"
that are not actually destructive to

the game, such as the inability to jump.
Jumping is a skill that is learned with

time and the repeated use of a mouse
button -- I go the extra mile and find

myself a 3-button mouse that can allow
me to jump more easily, but a "tab"

jump is just as easy WITH PRACTICE.
The net result is that on some

servers, engineers can no longer
place teles on the "ramp room" or

courtyard stairs to prevent scouts
and spies from zooming past their
guns...why??? You are not going
to believe this...because some players

can't jump over them. Suppress the
giggles for a moment and consider
their's solved simply
by having a school or a server which
offers jump
training, just as we used
to do with rocket jump training for
soldiers in TF1
and TFC. We have
schools for admins, so why not for
ordinary players?

9. There are a lot more issues
that an admin really does need to

resolve and act on...however, the
paperwork for admin actions increases
larger and less monitored a server
or clan grows. With unmonitored and

even with skilled and highly disciplined
admins, the potential for abuse
and we then have the need
to implement a huge amount
paperwork, screen shots, condumps
and more to justify each and every

action taken as an admin. Simple
TRUST is not possible when there
are too
many admins to monitor
successfully. If the goal of a clan
or server is to
foster unlimited GROWTH
at any cost, paperwork will be the
result, making the clan
or admin team something like a
government. If you
play TF2 to get
away from governing, as I do with
a huge staff and
thousands of clients,
you will appreciate the least amount
of paperwork

10. When you have to recruit
hundreds of admins, there must be
penalties for abuse, and heavy
restrictions on them.

11. Hundreds of admins who are
recruited at the rate of dozens per
with a totally unrestricted
growth rate means hundreds of not
highly disciplined people
with admin powers. Having seen a number
training classes for admins with
people running amok, killing each other
grabbing intels and flags while
teachers are trying their best to
explain the
duties and technical
skills of admin, I am convinced that
there's a lot of
tolerance built-in
to the system to allow for total asshats
to abuse players
until they get caught,
which might be never.

12. Hundreds of admins who are not
highly motivated except for the
they get as admins will mean that they
have to be kept "happy" as
Usually admins don't have to do
very much, unless the server directors

create "make-work" for them to keep
them active, alert and feeling useful.

This all-too-often encourages over-admin,
in much the same way that
officials like to exert their small
power over people who would

ordinarily not be under their
domination. This itself can eventually
lead to
some serious abuse and
absurdities over "control issues".
In my opinion,
some servers give their
admins a ridiculous number of control
issues to deal
with, simply to keep
them interested and feeling useful,
and in some cases,
encouraging that
domination syndrome from a small
amount of power over

13. My personal take on all this
is to run my server with this in mind:

unless there's a serious and profound
effect on the server, game and other

players, admins are not to interfere
with the gamers or gameplay. If

someone is disrupting the whole
server and is being a total griefer,
heck, yes, kick and/or ban the
player and let them find somewhere
else to
go. There are indeed some
players who thrive on being banned
and who
actually brag about being
banned on thousands of servers.
Very well, kick
and ban them, but
you're going to have to do a lot
of kicking and banning if

you manufacture offenses just to
give admins something to do.

14. One more issue -- we do not
allow "invasion" of our servers,
means people infiltrating from
other clans and servers in order to
members to fill their servers.
Everyone wants their servers fully
but fair's fair, and I
feel that infiltration is NOT a fair players
coming in to
"snipe" our server population or our
clan members are quickly
kicked, not warned, just banned,
period. I feel that sniping clan

members is MUCH more offensive than
any language or placement of

inconvenient teleports.

There, I've had my say. If I've
offended anyone with this rant on
practices, I wouldn't be
surprised...anytime anyone talks
honestly, they can't
help but offend
someone somewhere. I sincerely hope
that this little
dissertation helps
some folks who are overburdened by
Syndrome. It can only
happen when the policies of GROWTH
COST are applied...and those
are the same tactics and practices
that exist
on corporate levels. TF2
is my way of briefly escaping the
corporate world in
which we all
live. I surely do not want to bring
the world of used-car sales,
Recruiting, Ponzi Schemes and
Tupperware Parties into my gaming


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dungeon Party


1.Where did Dungeon Party come from?

Back in 1974 my friends Gary Gygax
and Dave Arnesson got me involved
the game which they had developed
at school -- they were bored and
passed graph paper back and forth
during classes. Claude and I have
duty as DMs...Dungeon
Masters...for decades and have
written literally
thousands of maps
for it along with monster tables,
weapon tables, treasure
tables and
more. Recently, D&D evolved for us
into the game we're
introducing as
Dungeon Party.

2.Where did the name Dungeon Party come from?

Hehe, I was online and decided to
look it up. To my total surprise,
had bought the website, so
I sprang for 10 bucks and bought it,
brainstormed with Claude on
how to use it. Dungeon Party as a
tabletop was
the result of the
brainstorming session.

3.Why should I want to play Dungeon Party?

You shouldn't, unless you want
practice running your Parallel
Personas. That's what DP is
all about -- learning how to run a
character in
another universe from
the viewpoint of your Home Universe.

4.How is it played?

It's very easy to play Dungeon Party,
much easier than Dungeons &
which requires many very intricate
dice rolls and such. You'll
be using the 4-sided,
6-sided and 20-sided dice rather
than a whole set of
rolling dice. You elect a Dungeon
Master (DM) who runs the
map and
does the counter-rolls of dice.
The DM tells the party what

happened as a result, keeps track
of the party and monsters and
and weapons and such,
and basically works as a moderator
for the game.

5.How many can play?

As few as 2 players and as many
as 20 can play Dungeon Party

6.How can I get started?

Send for the DP kit which can be
ordered right here on this site.

It comes complete with maps, a dice
kit and everything you need to get

7.What if I don't understand how to play
it or how to be a DM?

We have trainings for DMs at our
Neal Street Center in Grass Valley
we'll be doing online training
on Saturdays and Sundays at the ICW
on If you
joined the ICW Club yet, you can do
that by clicking here-

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beginning Guitar

Start Playing Now

Hi there. I just started a new lesson series called
"Beginning Guitar". This series is designed
for the beginning guitarist/noob and will get you
playing before you know it! I teach in a non-technical
way using feel, instinct and sound. If you've ever
wanted to play the guitar but felt intimidated by
formal lessons and books this is the place for you.
The video below is on basic tuning, enjoy-

I'll be creating all sorts of lessons so stop on by-
and make sure to subscribe so you'll get all the latest videos.
Happy Trails...


Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Zone


Want to get into Beta-Blocking in
a big way, but aren't yet ready for
Professional Beacon? Well, the
Zone Box is just for you!

The ZONE BOX is a high-density
Beta-Blocker with all the punch you
and expect from Brane-Power!
Packed into a conveniently sized
black box,
the ZONE BOX gives you
the ability to get into THE ZONE
without the years
of preparation
and struggle you'd have to put
into high-level meditation.

An easy path into THE ZONE combined
with the powerful meditation
on CD provide great solutions for
problems in this life and in
parallel world lives as

The ZONE BOX is priced to be affordable
and accessible to anyone and
It is produced in the United States
by American workers, yet it is
within the range of everyone's budget.
In fact, you can't afford to
without one!!!

Send today for your ZONE BOX and

with connectors, crystal grips and
is beautifully packaged in a sleek
black ABS box.

And best of all, when you're ready
for your Pro Beacon, the cost of
the cost of the Pro Beacon, and YOU

is that???

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Get on The Prosperity Track


If you are using my Prosperity
Beta Blocker Amulet, you might
want to kick it
up a notch or two
with my newest release, the
Prosperity Path Induction,
is intended to be used when wearing
the Prosperity Amulet.

It's just a few minutes a day and
it will certainly bring you closer
to a
Prosperity Track. A Track is
the path your Essential Self makes
as it works
its way through the
Space-Time Continuums which form
your "life" as you
travel from Brane
to Brane.

How this works is that as you
voyage from Parallel World to
Parallel World,
you are gently
guided by the induction/meditation
into a track that yields
levels of Prosperity and Well-Being.
Although you are guided by my
YOU make all the decisions, YOU do
all the work to select the Right

Action Pathways! The Beta-Block
allows you to concentrate on your

pathways rather than on control of
the biological machine and its
mental chatter.

Following and consciously selecting
each "choice point" along your
Self Life-Track, you weave
a path through Parallel World after
World, switching and shifting
between realities from hour to hour
and from
day to day, just as you have
always done, but with this induction
procedure, it becomes a
conscious path.

With the help of the guided
induction/meditation, you
deliberately and with
full intention
work yourself toward a path which is
your best possible
Prosperity Pathway
through Space and Time.

In addition, I've added a few extra
touches, to give you the opportunity
refresh and revitalize and
re-energize yourself as you perform
the active
Prosperity Affirmation
Meditation. I use a technique that
was taught to be by
my friend Orm
McGill, the Dean of American
Hypnotists, who helped me to
and perfect my induction meditations
and with whom I performed at
Relles in 1982 at our Annual

Throughout the induction, YOU are
in TOTAL CONTROL. You remain fully

and completely aware and awake even
though the body and beta mind are

in deep reverie.

The space changes are totally safe
and YOU control the entire
guided gently into the
spaces necessary for the
Affirmation to
help you gain the
Spirit Power that brings you into
the Prosperity Pathways.

Let this new technology open the
gateway for you into the ancient
science of
Soul Travel, as you make
a path for yourself into higher
levels of awareness,
waking state
and prosperity.

Remember that you cannot get what
you cannot give -- part of
prosperity is
your own generosity,
kindness, courtesy, consideration,
hospitality, and a sense
of deep and abiding caring.

These Essential Self Tendencies are
very important for your Spiritual

Development as you work your way
toward a Parallel World where you
the actual ability to help
others less fortunate than yourself.
The Prosperity
Path will give you
the ability to exercise these gentle
habits of the Spirit.

Send for your Prosperity Path
Affirmation Induction today --
you'll soon be on
the Prosperity Path!

get yours today @

The Community Universe


We will be meeting on Saturday
morning, July 25, 2009 to enact
certain rules and regulations and
obligations of members of our
community along gaming clan lines,
which have worked for many decades
to handle problems and interactions
among members.

If you decide not to participate,
you have no legitimate complaint
about the rules we adopt. At this
internet meeting/workshop, we will
make decisions that will profoundly
affect everyone connected with our
work community.

This is your chance to voice your
opinions! If you don't speak up and
vote on the issues, you'll have to
live with whatever those who did
attend have decided for you.


We are big enough now to need a
serious re-examination of exactly
how our work community works on a
day-to-day basis.

One model of the community universe
is that of a gaming clan, and that's
precisely what I have in mind for
the admin functions of our now worldwide
community. We've grown so large that
no one person can administrate, and
large enough that not even a small
group of cadre would be able to handle
all the problems that arise in a
community of this size.

In short, we need policies and admin
people to keep those policies working
for us.

I therefore propose to devote the
next ICW to the issue of admin and
community standards of behavior,
interaction and communication, with
the accent mainly on the need for
respect to the community, the admins
and the work itself.

I would use our online gaming clan
rules and regs as a template for the
community as a whole, expanding the
clan concepts into all areas of work
efforts and interactions of members.

I would start IMMEDIATELY with a clan
membership roll and a clear
definition of rights, regulations,
powers and obligations of members,
admins and cadre.

In my opinion the whole of our
regulations and requirements for
membership in whatever the organized
whole would be should be laid down
in immaculate and exquisite detail
covering every known contingency of
action and reaction in a community
such as ours.

Clan rules definitely DO work. They
have been proven over a period of
several decades. I strongly suggest
we adopt those rules and system of
admin that we now use on our TF2
servers to handle situations that
come up in the course of events
every single day.


take part @ 6:30am PST on-

Thursday, July 9, 2009

One Word


In the Act of Creation -- the Big
Bang -- the Logos, or One Word, was
uttered, and the Void became manifest.
We all know that factoid from our
Old Testament or the equivalent
thereof in any religion, any language.
It's the one thing about which all
religions and philosophies agree in
one form or another, whether we
think of the Word of Creation as
strictly mechanical or in some way

At that moment of Creation, which
physicists and cosmologists call the
Big Bang, an enormous explosion of
space and time ripped out of an
incredible tiny supermass which was,
according to calculations, about the
size of a mustard seed. Again, our
Old and New Testament in the West
and most of the Bibles of the world
agree on this point.

What happened to that very first
sound, that "Big Doh" of Creation?
It expanded, of course, and has
continued to expand at an
accelerating rate since that first
moment. We can see it in the
microwave background radiation maps
that have been charted out during
the past decade of great
cosmological discoveries.

So far, nothing found by cosmologists
disagrees with the Old Testament on
these issues. The Sound of Creation
is by any definition, the Voice of God.

This "First Sound" has reached us from
the Big Bang. It is contained in the
static that we can hear in an analog
AM radio which has been tuned to any
point between stations.

It is the fundamental operating
principle of the Beta-Blocker. If
you were to connect a set of
headphones or an amplifier-speaker
to any of my Beta-Blockers, you
would hear, somewhere inside the
static, the actual Voice of
God speaking in the Void.

The Big Bang


The digital revolution has left
as its
victim radiation from the
event that signals
the first moment
of the universe -- The Big
An analog radio set that has been

specially tuned between broadcast
receives static, the result
of energy left
over from the super-hot
primordial universe
as it existed in
the first few seconds of
This static is known as the Cosmic
Microwave Background Radiation, and
discovery in the 1960s proved
the Big Bang Theory and
Parallel Universes,
which are today
all the rage on the Science
Channel and talk shows... but
shamans knew
about this ages ago.
Science is just now
catching up and
is slowly awakening to the
nature of the universe, which is far

more plastic and spooky than anyone

AM radio signals are very different
from FM
and television signals -- AM
or Amplitude
Modulation is capable of
registering faint
"background" radio
signals broadcast from a
variety of
sources, among which are the
of Population III stars just after
Big Bang, Black Holes and
clouds of Dark
Matter and Dark Energy,
invisible by any other

How this energy can be
harnessed for
Astral Travel is something
we are now exploring with the
AM Crystal Radio
Technology, which has proven
to be a very powerful tool for the
of the 21st century.

One certain way to harness this
energy from beyond our
galaxy at the very
beginning of Time
and Space is to combine
it with the
most powerful known psychic
available to the shaman,
which is
generated as a byproduct
of sex energies.

Simply by wearing a Tantric Star
on a headband or
sweatband will turn on an
psychic trigger that
harnesses Stellar
Static from the
Big Bang, Black Holes and other
cosmic sources, but then it must
be directed
in order to use it as
a psychic shamanic tool,
and that's
where the Tantric Star
comes in handy.

The Tantric Star Induction guides
the user
to the correct harness of
Cosmic Background
Radiation which
comes to us as static. By
tuning the Tantric Star with a
combinant frequency adjustment
obtained through
the use of twin-tuned
capacitance miniature
circuitry in
the Tantric Star, we can
the subtle psychic energy
state of the 6th
and 7th Chakras
situated at the Pineal Gland
the Parietal Lobe respectively.

Om Ma Ni Pad Mi Hum ... Hail the
Jewel in
the the Lotus -- the
thousand- petaled flower
at the crown of the cranium. Here
we find the highest chakra, which
and originates pure thought
and consciousness
and which can be
cluttered with information
the imposition of the Beta-Brain.

This "Sahasrara Chakra" has its
petals of spirit reaching
into the infinite
cosmos. In Sanskrit,
the word "thousand"
equals "infinity"
and as a matter of proven
fact, in
the mind there are no limits.

The primary nature of the Crown
Chakra is the Essential
Self, an unmeasurable
entity of
non-identified selfness
which is
just one manifestation
of the Unified Field
of Consciousness
which is commonly referred
to as
Cosmic Consciousness.

It is the Crown Chakra that is our
connection to Cosmic
Consciousness. We pass
our will of
manifestation through the Crown

Chakra into the lower Activity-Chakras
manifest the Cosmic Will, and it
is through
the Crown Chakra that we
enter and leave a
material body.

A human brain with its billions
matrix-connected nerve cells
makes more
connections per
microsecond than the number
of atoms
in the universe, reaching and

affecting more than 100 million
receptors in the body, and
many trillion
synapses in the nervous

This means that the non-beta mind
is millions
of times more
sensitive to the Multi-Verse

consisting of an infinite number
of universes
and environments than
our external sensing organs.

Blocking the Beta-Mind and going
within the
Crown Chakra gives us
a method to access the
Dimension, which has no locality
in time
and space. Time and Space
are functions of the
local universe,
and are not present in the
Mega-Universe beyond the Big Bang
and its
results, which are Stellar
Matter, Dark Matter,
Dark and Light
Energy and Atoms, all of which
produce the Gravity Wells which in
turn produce
the illusion of Time
and Space.

Each Chakra gives us a contact
point with
a number of dimensions
of smaller waveforms
and faster
vibration of frequencies which

have their manifestation in radio
detectible as AM static.

Through the triggering or
activation of the
Crown Chakra
by the act of Beta- Blocking,
can instantly contact the 11th
Dimension, the
central axial
dimension which has infinite speed
beyond the speed of photons and
zero wavelength,
which by definition
exists everywhere and nowhere,
the effect of Spooky Action At a
noted by Einstein and
other physicists dealing with

Quantum effects.

The 7th Chakra is your gateway to
consciousness", and provides
you with a direct
way of perceiving
the highest reality, that
of the
Mega- Universe, which can be said to
a patterned set of order within
an infinite
chaotic field of undulating

Consciousness is a way of realizing
recognizing the Self within this
field, and differs from the
ordinary search
of Stanley and
Livingstone by the fact that
seeker is also that which is sought.

The Beta-Mind is the organization
of experience
and information
which forms an electronic
of ordered data which is triggered
association and environmental
provocation. We
spend our years
sorting information about
environment and trying to
make some sense of
it while
constantly adjusting and adapting
ourselves to the demands of the
world so we
can keep our job,
maintain our relationships
and stay
out of the rubber room at the funny

It is this continual attempt to
bring order
out of chaos that causes
confusion and a brutal
and corrupt
separation from our true state,
of Infinite and Eternal Cosmic

By harnessing both the radionic
energies of
the Big Bang and those
of the seven Chakras
within but not
part of the human body, we
re-attain the Waking State
of Cosmic
Consciousness and resume
our rightful path
through Space
and Time to our ultimate
the Here & Now.

for more info go to-

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tools of The Trade


One element of the Beta Block Amulet is
overlooked by some, and
observed and acknowledged
by others...

It is the "Mojo" of the amulet, in which
we consider
the amulet as a magical or
spiritual apparatus, in
much the same way
that we would consider a
star of David, Chai, Mezuzah, Corno...
indeed, any amuletic jewelry worn by
all peoples
of all cultures around the

Far and above the scientific principles
of radionics,
which are very much fringe
science and not
demonstrable by any known
means other than that
radio waves exist
and that they do indeed affect the
bones, muscles, nervous system,
thought patterns and
emotional states of all types
biological life including plants,
amulets have another
mysterious qualitative,
"something" about them.

You cannot prove by any scientific method
the efficacy of Holy Water, the
Crucifix or Saints'
Relics such as the
ashes of ancient Tibetan Holy Men
or the
Knuckle Bone of St. Peter....but
they are
associated with miracles of
all sorts, and rightly so.

Millions have bathed in the Ganges and gone
to one questions the Miracle
Power of the
Shroud of Turin even though it
has been proven to
be no older than the
Middle Ages, and literally billions
amulets, charms and Holy Relics are carried
billions of people around the globe.

Amulets, charms and other Sacred Objects
are made
in a variety of ways, but all of
them carry in them
something far greater
and more powerful than
scientifically-accepted "Mojo" or magic.

The Beta-Blocker Amulets I produce have
a fringe
science background and are
dependent upon radio
waves, which exist
throughout Earth's atmosphere at
all times,
permeating everything on the planet with
full spectrum of radionics, but there
is something more
to them than just the
radio wave functions, something
and unmeasurable...

I call it "Electronic Mojo".

I cannot intellectually and with scientific
math prove
my thesis that the slight amount
of radionics penetrates
easily into the 11th
dimension at a distance of less than
10 to
the minus 27th millimeter, which is what I
"One Kaku" of distance, and that it opens
pathways into
the branes of parallel universes
which you can travel,
but with a little
practice with my inductions, you can
this to yourself.

Someday I hope that we will see laboratory
of this effect, but in the meantime,
the evidence will
have to be very subjective,
like the evidence for life
after death, near
death experiences, astral projection
creative visualization among other spiritual
and practices.

Blind Faith? Not necessary! Just practice,
practice, practice.

for more info check out-