Monday, June 7, 2010

Get On The Ladder of Light!


It's quick and easy to Astral
Project with the Beta-Blocker AP
Boosters! Just strap your Boosters
on and use my simple easy 1-2-3
Method to zap out of body in seconds!

You'll be amazed at how easy it is.

As you walk up the Ladder of Light,
you will be able to travel as far
as you like in only seconds!

You can test yourself to see how
well you are doing! My course includes
Astral Projection Self-Testing and
Total Safety Psychic Protection System.

Most systems start you off in the wrong
place. My system starts you off right
WHERE YOU ARE and takes you up in a
simple step by step easy grade from
the Organic Body all the way up into
the Higher Bodies with no sweat,
no strain. It's easy, easy, easy!

You are in total control of your
progress. Go at your own pace. No
sweat, no strain, no frustration,
just a simple easy jump and you are
Out of Body.

Try it today! Send for my Astral
Projection Kit right now and be Out
of Body within minutes of receiving
it. Here's what you get:

1.BOOSTER HEADSET -- Five Beta-Blocker
disks mounted on a supercomfortable
black and gray Nike Swoosh Headband.

2.TARGET CARDS -- Six beautiful
full-color high-quality laminated
Brane-Power Target Cards printed on
high-grade art card stock.

3.METHOD BOOK -- Step by Step Instruction
Manual with everything you need to get Out
of Body instantly with no sweat, no strain.



1.DVD SET -- 8 DVDS with full information,
background, theory and practice of Astral
Projection. You will see students as they
project under instruction, hear about the
background and development of my Astral
Projection System, and learn about the
Method and its use and applications
in the Way of Service. Many hours of
intense study and great information on
the subject, useful on every level.
- $200.00

2.WRISTBANDS -- Set of 2 wristbands with
Beta-Blocker Booster Disks mounted. Great
for Astral Projection, can also be used
for Body-Work Cleansing, Psychic
Investigation, Paranormal Research and
Energy Boost.
- $225.00

3.ANKLE BANDS -- Set of 2 anklebands with
Beta-Blocker Booster Disks mounted. Great
for Astral Projection and for Body Workers,
Healers and Psychic Investigators.
- $225.00

4.POSTER SET -- Full-Color 11" x 17"
Higher Body Poster in the language of
your choice: English, French, Spanish,
German, plus 25 full-color posters
advertising your classes in Astral Projection.
- $75.00


You get a certificate on completion of
each grade of Astral Projection. You
can take the INSTRUCTOR'S COURSE online
to get your Teacher's Certificate for
each grade.

INSTRUCTOR'S COURSE for each grade - $100.00

Includes methods for bringing in students
and full support from our teaching staff to
help you through the process of setting up
an Astral Projection Academy.

The goal here is to get everyone into
the Higher Bodies and raise the
consciousness of the planet. We are in
a race against time and the ecological
destruction of Planet Earth.
Get on the Ladder of Light now!!!


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